Advertising and Earnings Disclosure promotes various products from, and other advertisers, eCommerce stores and marketplaces in the following ways: by inserting affiliate links in blog posts when the promoted product is relevant to the content by placing image banners either in the sidebar, the footer, the blog posts, in popups and on the newsletter sign-up “thank you page” and by promoting these products on our newsletters.




What’s an Affiliate link?

An affiliate link looks just like a regular link on any one of this website’s pages, but it takes you to a 3rd party website where you can buy something. The affiliate link helps the vendor know I referred you to them, and gives me a commission if you make a purchase.

What This Means to You

Each time you click a link on the you can assume you’re clicking an affiliate link. earns a percentage of the sale each time you make a purchase, helping maintain the quality of the survival content on this site and making sure the blog moves forward.

Promotional emails are disclaimed at the top of each email. The contents of the the e-mail advertisement shall not be considered an endorsement of that advertiser, of the product or service that’s being promoted. does its due diligence when selecting the advertisers and advertising agencies it works with, however this is not a guarantee that the claims of the respective products are accurate or that the product works in the ways in which it’s being advertised.

We are not responsible or liable for any person’s use of the Information or any success or failure that is directly or indirectly related to such person’s use of any of the products you purchase as a result of seeing a link and clicking on any one of the advertisement links on the website or inside the newsletters.

We are not responsible or liable for any misprints, omissions within any of the advertisements on the website or inside the newsletters. also sells its own products and services by means of the and marketplaces. They are promoted the same way affiliate products are, by means of text links and image banners.

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