XXI The World

The World and The Fool:

  • People who appear in our lives simpler form, or surreal. We see the opposite poles of the two cards; World and The Fool. Sometimes we meet extravagant people, but only remained little time, never forget. While its continuation.

Fool has no number some people who puts as arcane 22, I feel like the number 0.

He is one that is before it existed, and will be after the end.

Yes, read it again, he is always free; he is unique, genuine, and authentic, without masks or opacities. Is the most private area of the personality, is what who we really are. Then come the habits, education, religion, citizenship, and all that is erased from our minds.

Fool is that we were up to seven or eight years old, pure, honest, free, happy. In order to support the society created by humans when he grows he becomes crazy. Therefore, it is the silly, naive, noble heartbroken, the crazy fool.

  • Maybe referring to a person returning from another country after a long time, and it will not recognize.
  • —   The World reversed + Fool: If you have found love or just think it’s an illusion, live it. Live the moment no more plans, but be cautious. You think you are at a big mountain, huge, majestic, but also dangerous. I cannot tell you how it can transform him / her; I not have the foggiest idea.

The World and Magician:

  • Very favorable expectations regarding employment or occupation, speaks of knowledge and experience. Represents an elaborate situation, guided by someone extremely inventive and creative, it is the perfect entrepreneur.

Th World + Magician + 10 of Cups:

  • Very beneficial trio everything that is undertaken, will be perfect.
  • —   In Love, is a joy to see these both together, it means it is an ideal couple, who love and are accompanied at all. They have strength and magic, determination to stay together and a lot of understanding. They want what they have do not crave anything else. It can be a union forever.

The World and The High Priestess:

This is able to draw water in the desert, is supremely powerful it holds the Book of Knowledge. With The World, wisdom extends limits she herself might not know, yet.

The World + Emperor + The High Priestess + King of Pentacles, or others:

  • She’s a woman in a man’s world, The High Priestess is recognized as a priestess, though work on the 18th floor of a business area. Is not marginalized by their gender, she is so powerful that with all its serenity and shyness. Get what they want. Can get managerial positions, it may be a woman who admired because it helps to children in some marginalized center. Everyone always remember (The World), whatever the reason.

The World + The Empress:

  • Combination of great benefit, especially as regards the creation or birth of anything will be positive or prolific.
  • May announce a large family home. If it is a man that question, should go buy that engagement ring as place one foot the street, be sure she is, what you are looking for the mother of his future children.

World and The Emperor:

  • In this case, it is just as beneficial but at the time of the determination and continuity of everything. Symbolizing someone, or something, with very solid foundations, with the strength to take action. With own resources found in their own fearlessness.
  • This is a solid company with a competitive but fair boss, and will not tolerate that anyone damaging, what he created.

The World and The Emperor + Ace of Cups + 10 of Cups;

  • In love, you can read the same intention with Empress. If you are a woman, keep your fingers and perfect nails: did not adorned with gold or silver or jewelry, and wait. Keep your perfect throat, protect yourself from colds or aphonics, because at any moment must be prepared to say;
  • Yes, I want. Of course, I want to! ¡Oh, my God! It is what I most desire in the world.
  • Red bunting
  • If your questions by her husband, there you have it, this is the father of her children.
  • Always read more cards.

The World and The High Priest:

  • This combination represents your home, the first home that of their parents and grandparents. The years of his childhood, traditional life, reflects a happy childhood, although a bit choosy about education, respect and human values.
  • Can be talking about the consultant if he is a grown man, and in this combination says, that everything weighs him in his responsibilities, is actually his world, he created. And despite all the work and effort, it is immensely happy, because he does for his family, or others.

Th World and The Lovers:

  • Unless the accompanying cards that speak of love, actually it’s meaning is what we are. To a relationship that will never be perfect, it’s like something forced them to stay together. Perhaps, a couple from adolescence and weighs heavily on them, the responsibilities acquired with another family. If the reverse; Lovers + The World, we could confirmer this couple wants to stay together as much as they are presented.

The World and Lover inverted for companies ditto. If his grandfather began making soap soda, and you inherited the company, continue your line of work, there are already, let improvisation. Or to seek creative partners and marketing experts, because it takes two generations working well, it recharges alone.

  • Why, you want spoil it?

Announces major changes for the incorporation of new people, you need to read more cards, to know what will happen.

The World + Lovers + The Hanged man:

  • This time, is saying that actually you alone cannot continue the company his grandfather started. Manually making soaps caustic soda in the backyard of the house.

The World + Lovers + The Hanged man + 6 of Pentacles inverted + The Chariot + 6 of Wands inverted

  • To advance you must upgrade, go to trade shows, create a logo, advertising, is the time to act. Because you take so long, without modernize which could be stranded at the moment have losses which could recover. If you take the reins and firm commitment for an alternative.

World + Lovers + King of Cups + The Empress:

This clearly shows that it was decide to. Despite having a rich past in relations with diverse people; from other race, sex or age, even someone who came of Pluto it could be a past love that person. A liberal style of living without

The World + The Chariot:

  • Well, here I can not give a single tip, is unnecessary, represents a person who knows what they want and how to get it. In love, will be able to go to a TV program to that declare to the world that loves you. This person always decide what should or wants to do, with their pros and cons, benefits or mistakes and goes forward
  • A person with a liberal profession, that required by traveling and making decisions.

World + Justice + 9 of Wands + 9 of Pentacles;:

  • The time has come to rest, or maybe you find a cause to stop working. Early retirement or good stroke of luck in lotteries… who knows!

The World + Justice + Magician invertido:

  • End of working life, it’s time to sign the papers to move to a life without work obligations.

World + Justice + 10 de Swords:

  • Retirement due to illness.

The World + Justice + 2 de Cups + King or Queen Cups + Page Cups:

  • —   Wedding in sight.
  • —   Wedding of a couple carrying bride and groom lifetime, childhood sweethearts. More than desired and planned wedding, one much larger than the other, at least 10 years.

World + Hermit + The Chariot + Star:

  • The consultant through a period of soul searching, even continuous trips to places considered sacred; Shrines the summit the Himalayas, Jerusalem, etc. A curiosity that will drag until it finds the answer. It can take a lifetime, or even part of another because might come looking for it since long ago, and past lives
The World and Hermit reversed;
  • Depression because it held long time, imprisoned, or simply isolated from society.
  • Someone damaged by the society; friends, co-workers, a lover, a wife, a father…etc.

World + Wheel of Fortune + The Sun + 6 of Cups:

  • Just you found a kindred spirit, and will have extrasensory experiences and wonderful emotions, it seems they understood with his eyes, and just met!
The World and The Sun:
  • We speak of a loyal person, and with good sound principles. The clarity of ideas, an orderly life with good and bad moments, stages that had to overcome and others were left stigmatized, in the way and never forget; a full life that will be characterized by a clear conscience and the feeling of reaching the end of things, relationships, honestly.

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