The Magician, β€ŠπŸ’›β€ŠπŸ’š The dream maker

Β The Magician is the dream maker. A seducer. He has those eyes that never saw in your life, and his smile will cause telekinesis and you rise and change your site without apparent effort.
Can not be forgotten a love that has been inΒ the Magician,; all what others have done other for you, see your happiness, your smile and your happy you are
Nothing stays in remembering the mime and magic that enveloped this relationship.Β The Magician of love, not talk about sex, but about unique feelings, relationships make their mark. It can be a great discoverer of a talent of yours, or the first man who made you feel an orgasmΒ 
The MagicianΒ will remove from you your side brighter and beautiful, and teach you much that will be a reference for your behavior in other relationships you have over your life. You always remember, this may advertise such a combination;

Magician and Empress tarot combination:

For a man this combination tells of love will never forget. If you are living in the present tense front advertises that it has the most wonderful relationship of his life, and could be the mother of his future children. Why mother? Because if this was a wonderful marriage, full of caresses and love, tarot wise, we would have placed a Queen of Cups. But speaks to us of the love of his life, most special. There is nothing random the arcana, if there is because it should be, this and no other QueenThe Priestess, has never proposed loving you, if it appears on your tarot die roll you know well, which is also not what you. expected.

The Magician whit High Priestess;

in relationships has no place, it will be why usually marks the third wheel. Not necessarily woman can talk about the most intimate secrets and desires of someone, what you are doing in the shade, out of context of life. What others do not know. What it can not tell. The clandestine, what it feels, and that no one would understand. It is a more asexual than physical arcane, but may also represent a woman. But in love, must be accompanied arcane of love, so to announce it, and only if the other card is the Emperor. There’s nobody throughout deck that may be next to a woman like this, the qualities of an Emperor needed to reach the stage where she expected. Nor never have an affair with a King.

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