Who is The FOOL In love

The Fool Inlove

Fool, is card describes the current time of the consultant. If it comes out the Fool, it is telling us that the question itself is your personality, your mind, your deepest self. And well we read the cards that surround it are like the petals of a flower and calyx; all it will be around the center thereof; The Fool. Because whether it’s positive or negative, is not something we can solve, it escapes us understanding. Or it is the subject of another mad, or are our crazies impulses.
 The Fool, is not it, not even silly, however he seems. So should you read this; The Fool is very sensitive to their own desires however in their unconsciousness ignores yours. Best Written, not unconsciousness, but rather is it your healthy selfishness. Always go where he would bring their dreams, even nightmares, that’s the danger of it. It is a naive, – you think – harebrained and childish. But no, it’s not that. Is nothing naive, nor is fragile, much less child, for him there himself and his world, his mind and his ideas, desires and goals, and he risk whatever is necessary because there is nothing else than is present in that moment or question. Nothing more .
That’s why, when it appears in the table and is warning us that we could surprise. To our trained civic-minded, and our hearts structured, attack an indomitable heart kamikace, for others eyes again, this will be about ideas, or a situation we do not know to solve. It is ahead of our understanding.
Arguably, it is stubborn, impossible to move their ideas; but for him the incomprehensible is another tell which must be their ideas. He never tells you which should be yours. Nor will matter a traitor partner, a cousin thief, or an unfaithful wife, if that’s what is being queried; The Fool, never give the meaning or importance, that give the other. For him it is entirely understandable as the prism; everything is the fruit of desire, coupled with the desire to do, not even think about the benefit or the possible impact.
Then could we say that’s selfish? To their way of seeing things, No. understands that you do something that is a great desire for you, although it will cost you three fingers of the hand. Then it does not understand, you will be offended because he earned more in the mutual company, or perhaps he has been unfaithful more times than you to him. Because … he attends to his wishes, and believes that you attend to your own desires.
Already, it is to tearing your hair, besides strongly, but is the Fool and no number because you can not classify or pigeonhole, it’s like water you intend to grab and hold hands.
Whether wondering about money and we fell to the mat, we can take the hands to the head, look at the cards and immediately surrounding it, oh my god !, what will become what it purports to? … You could go to ruin next to it, behind the cobalt blue butterflies, trying to extract the dust-flying wing. Nevertheless, perhaps the opposite and a month being marketed, but stocks you to stay and you may have to hire men hunting butterflies, in order to supply the amount of orders coming from all world markets. Have you understood? The Fool is not crazy or stupid, only his mind travels at speeds unknown even to humans. But he forgets to five minutes.
He is as guilty of creating a successful company as to ruin his partner, member of the Forbes list in just 15 days. No outcome measure, only an idea starts with a walk in Honolulu and one in Cape Town. On foot can lead one sandal water, and in the other a sock gnawed with booty unleashed. He just need a sandwich for now it is when hungry, after it’s future, it is not for thinking right now.
For the Fool, life is like a big amusement park and left and right look wish everything around it, it’s a roller coaster or a giant teddy bear the raffle. Both to take home, or walk up, no matter what you think he will do with them, always will surprise you, because no prejudices and ethical values, moral even as our morale.
Well, and what all this is good or bad? … How can we describe this arcane? … On the side of positive or negative?
You may wonder what meaning can deduct when he get in front defying your logic.
Again, not good nor bad, falls outside your comprehension without entailing that has no logic … for him. That’s all that matters to him.
Other arcana, for its strong meaning they are already saying the problem without reading too connections around you, but this is incomprehensible and inscrutable thoughts. Thus it is due to interpret. It is a positive arcane about the beginnings and endings. Whatever form a company or close to retirement. Be it a wedding or a divorce, but disastrous at the midpoints for their ambiguity. It is why it is 0; neither beginning nor end.
If a person, or subject, it presented with these above conditions, we know that within minutes he can put us upside down. We can get on a cloud to view the summer movie theater, going down to for popcorn and forget about us until the next rains, or someone he will empty a suitcase of banknotes as if they were chestnuts on our table to mount a boutique fashion mode. What should we do? … Difficult question, we will see as shown with other arcane next.

Fool + Magician:

  Undoubtedly, you have deposited many illusions in this matter, is a project that fascinates him, and is doing everything possible to achieve this. This is very good, however not weighed in any time the risks or difficulties that might involve such matter, and not even see the obstacles; his yearning to create is so large that is being very brave, because there are difficulties of type material that you do not see. And now tell me;
  For example?
  As for example, you has no money; not enough to start the business 
You fell in love of that person who lives thousands of Km; 9,581 miles away from you, do not speak the language, and even not have a passport or any intention to resolve the visa … Is not it?
  Wow, ¡that is not a problem when there is love!
Typical reply of a representative this combination of cards.
I would like to say, that he must look at the two sides of reality, not just the one that excites you or makes you feel good. You are not objective, there are plenty of fantasies in your head that give a volatility to your mind very evil channeled,  is wasting  their powers do not put your heels on the ground. 
Be it you realistic, and now turn off the light…. ¡happy dreams!
This combination have in front the Magician, then your ideas will towards creating something magical, not magic, but a matter in which he will have to play with the elements, research and intuitively carry it out. The Magician is never idle, is an arcane with strong feet on the ground but his mind flies to the universes, galaxies, because it is the alchemist tarot.
So is telling me that there is an excess of idealism, and the feet of these arcana are not going in the same direction. When The Fool is in Cape Town, The Magician walks through Barcelona looking holy dust. The Fool does not know where it goes, just walking, however The Magician it is addressed with force to something he saw in the stars. Is it bad combination for love?
Dependent on those who follow it, because all it portends is a jovial and surprising start, something that is lived with great intensity and a pink meringue mess, but could explode like a hydrogen balloon.
What combination is favorable for love with The Fool?
Only those that somehow show you the final path.
The Fool + Priestess, is a union with transversal points. No communication, no sex. One could say that these two are attached in his long silences, any day one rises and leaves without saying goodbye. And the other and realize it’s gone until spring. Let’s say he is a baby and her soul. Odd Couple.
Fool + Emperor, what a couple! The Emperor with all that that means comes right back.  He does undeterred or firecrackers Valencia. You believe, never gets angry about important things, and what it means is that it really gives a damn. He will can love 25 years 10 months and one day, and not tell you he loves you never, or perhaps spend an evening bonfire on the sand on the beach, he will declared as the most ardent love, but the next day will have disappeared hotel without even saying goodbye.
You must know that he did not to harm you, only the arrogant ego of the Emperor adopted the subtle technique of Fool,that of paying attention only to their wishes and present, and this now is Paris, where it plays just the final football tomorrow night, the Paris Saint Germain with Real Madrid. You know that strange selfishness of the Fool, do not be surprised at all.
What positive? Whether you intend to return something he has done to you, a disdain for example (for you, not for him, remember) and you go away and leave him alone in the restaurant, you return a while later to house asking;
– Where have you been … You’ll never know who I have seen … ¡not you going to believe!
He will sit next to you on the couch to tell one of his bizarre stories huddled with you, sharing the blanket, read the first of the chapter  … well I repeat here;
 Because whether it be positive or negative, is not something we can solve, escapes us understanding. Or is the subject of another crazy, or are our crazy impulses.
       The Fool is not madman, not even fool. However it seems.
And we are talking about behavior Emperor, which we know the response profile of this combination. Imagine Emperorwith its internal forum The Fool .To see… Who stops him!
Powerful force of arcane male and protective, hot and procreative. For this man is very manhood, one could say he have a very active sex, think about sex a lot, and loves to be admired by women.
The Emperor, is a seductive, even as ugly as Picio but always conquest. (I mean the physical, because otherwise it would any king, if the Emperor, this man is strong) Suddenly, he finds a subtle freedom that inebriates it, he takes away the prejudices and makes him enjoy all that life presents it, including women.
Blonde-haired women are delicately divine, exotically beautiful brunettes, redheads are goddesses of Olympus, are the thin sculptures of Michelangelo came to life, and beautiful chubby, are ladies washerwomen XIII century England. White, impure, either low or high, Asian or black, all women are good for an Emperor happily crazy.

Fool + Pope:

In love, this typical relationship begins with arrows karmic, i.e., those assumptions that lovers say it comes from another life, but that is not so. Many philosophy at the beginning of the couple, perhaps rules that on are beside the, is a toxic combination. Speaks of psychological martyrdom, too much attachment or too many hours a day together, suddenly. If it comes out inverted, worse than worse. Someone is pasted like a limpet to you, it appears in the house lunch time, or bring your clothes to the wash. Moreover, this man speaks a lot in bed, and the worst is that angry if it do not answer. He’s so annoying. Has a feverish mind, always want to experiment, but its low potency leaves everything in attempts. No smoke after sex, because he will never have sex.

Fool + Lovers:

  This combination is of the sleepless nights, the anguish of seeing that there is no solution to the indecision. The situations cannot encompass; to what is slipping out of a hand, when it extended his other.
  In love, which also apply now decide; “If the right or left, top or brunette woman, the skinny or bald “… although, it is likely that others are not aware of reality; you can not choose, you will never do… or yes, maybe tonight will decide who love brunette woman but tomorrow may want to kiss bald. Again, back again.

Fool + Lovers + Devil + 3 of Cups + 3 of Pentacles + 3 of Swords:

— Marriage young and well agreed. This couple has everything “embroidered in gold”, that is to say, joined in the comfort, luxury, travel and life comfortable and easy, as do not want the problems, in his unconsciousness are happier; free sex, free mind, generous wallet, until when? Until they themselves are destroyed. The devil can be very generous, about pleasures, nobody can meet, but everything has a high price, the account given to the exit. Cash or Visa, you will probably not be are neither one nor the other when that moment comes.

That continuity of Threes is the answer. In a couple, there is no Yin Yang that there is no a thou for me, and me for you, even intimacy, can not go far, it begins to crumble at any time since joining dissipates couple, with “Three”.

Fool + Devil + Queen Cups + 2 Cups + Knight Swords:

— Here already we see a couple with an age difference (she is older), began in a past relationship a little light, a relationship very funny sex, and finally end up falling in love. We can not ignore that 2 of Cups there in the middle, but again we see the two arcane; Cups & Swords, and we understand that she loves more than him. She goes before, and he ends the line, perhaps in the next he is about to leave, hopefully not an Empress, or even a Page appears. Although rarely represents the Page as a love rival, if arcane tell us that the Knight of Swords goes, this is very significant there in the middle. The Swords are people with extreme Personality not find them continuity in their ideas, are people who change much from year to year. They note the change much. His mind works at full speed, in fact represents a smart and psychotic in its downside. They either forward or backward, but are known for being very dynamic, energetic, electrifying these courtiers are almost tarot. That Page there in the middle, with Mr. Swords is quite suspect. Dont you think? If the Cups, and have the answer 100% secure.

Then, to make sure that speaks of a special love, what we can put a companion to Fool?
Fool, always speak of love rare, the beginning or unexpected endings. And you can be sure something / a, never lie to you. he can not lie. But it will break your heart a thousand times unintentionally and will not ask for forgiveness, because he will not even notice that you are sad about that. It is unbearable, I know.

Fool +  World,

is a winning combination, since there is no more way to go to that crazy, beyond to have found you, nothing, only their number 0 there after you. Has understood he has seen the abyss if he loses you, a void so absolute that would leave alone with himself. The Fool, have understood that all the millions of kilometers it has traveled, were to come to you, and now, has no strength, to return 21 arcane behind, looking, what he realized that not exist. So it tells us a lasting union arguably eternal.
Fool + Chariot shows indecision, even so, an immediate decision taken, so we have to look at the next card.
Fool + Chariot + King of Cups, says he has chosen a man for love.

Fool + Chariot + King of Wands, a friendship that is confused with love. If you are asking for love, but merely to seen more cards. 

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