XXI – Judgment

Judgment + The Hanged Man:

—   This Judgment with TheHangedman, say they are disappointed, with the sensation of to have lost their lives and his youth. This arcane speaks of regrets about past events that decided our life. (eg) A woman who never separated because had 6 children, a man who took the job to a friend who crosses daily watching their decrepitude, and how bad it is in life. Since what happened, a race without end, a friendship which was allowed to march with thousands of misunderstandings.

Judgment + Death:

— Situación extrema hace tirar todo por la borda para no hundirse, soltar lastre para no ser arrastrado.Una dura decisión respecto a terceros, que rompen la relación, pero te hundirás si no lo hace.

—   + 10 of Cups inverted: It may be due to problems of inheritance, with the family for the reading of a will.

Judgment + Death: + Ace of Wands  reversed + 7 of Pentacles + 10 of Cups;

—     Close Company due to retirement.

Judgment + Temperance:

—     Emotional stagnation, caused by ruptures or unexpected changes.

—     How many laps are going to give?

—     How many more Saturdays you will go to the same coffee shop where he met?

—     How many sleepless nights will pass waiting, if you listen to that elevator, and knocks on your door…

—     Maybe wait too long, and not weigh you know, you are giving in exchange for nothing. For there is nothing more to wait, or to decide, this is an old issue that you should forget. Leave it in the past to move forward.

Judgment + Devil:

—     Sometimes it is said about someone;  ¡All life he/she went so, when little it was very bad!

—     Therefore, this combination reflects the moment when one discovers that others were right. He/she is aware of all defects, vices, of the disturbances that have caused others, in its extreme form of live sex. He/she looks in the mirror and then begins to see someone who has never seen; the liar, sometimes cruelly, wasteful materialistic, womanizing, egocentric … is the image of the acceptance of who he / she really, and who has been.

—     See next arcane, they can give reasons or causes that contributed to this behavior.

Judgment + Tower:

—     Self destruction. Apply to any consultation; you broke your company, you lost your husband, you sick body. It is the decisive moment.

Do not expect understanding and help of all those who loved him so much, because is no one left. You just took care of being left alone.

Judgment + Star:

—     The fruit of a clear conscience and live in peace and empathy with the world, and this combination is presented.

—     They represent the good deeds, good people or events that favor and give love to others, and thus to oneself.

Judgment + Moon:

—     Lack of objectivity and realism, disturbing thoughts. Fantasies, mania, or unfounded ideas that carry fights and dislikes. Weak state of mind that leads to distort reality and confuse the facts.

Judgment + The Sun:

—   If you ask about love, you do not feel insecure with your partner, it has to remove those ideas quickly not try to mount lucubration’s or invent negative motives looking for some fault I already know it, do not believe it at all, but you should know that this state of wholeness and balance that are experiencing is real.

Judgment + The World:

—   Satisfaction, fulfillment of the person, inseparable couple, and business can come from several generations ago. Two arcane that make a balanced life, right decisions and a clear conscience

Knight de Swords + Judgment reversed + Fool reverse + The World reversed + Devil reversed + Tower reversed:

—     It is clearly alluding to “that” young person, man or woman, who works as military, soldiers under the command of another, and today, it is in a distant war.

It could be also a cop, and riot police. Etc. (Knight Swords, speaking of someone in uniform.) Nevertheless, The World reversed tells us that are beyond their everyday environment, far away.

After all, as much a victim as the other, puppets of the system, parts of a bloody board where, entertained playing the masters of the world; banks, and power. (Bad Governments) The World reversed + Devil reversed

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