XX – The Sun Tarot

The Sun + Empress:

— The feminine qualities, beauty and intelligence melt homogeneously in this cocktail of seduction that makes The Sun and Empress, because no pair of arcane shines more throughout the tarot.
— She dealer to women in its finest, He is the Sun God; energy and hope of happiness in the life, a wonderful conjugation.

The Sun and Lovers:

— That morning when you wake up without having slept barely two consecutive hours, looks ahead and sees her wedding dress ready, shoes, boxes, makeup bag, earrings from her mother, all prepared for the happiest of his life (nowadays) day. This means transmitting these two cards. The Sun brand clarity of ideas and successful decisions, so in that exact dilemma of taking decision with a person, who loves, will be successful. You will never regret this decision finally taken. We have wedding in sight.

The Sun + Hermit:

       —     Relapse after an improvement of a disease.

     + The World: Ex-convict, prisoner or inmate who takes freedom. Other cards will tell you more.

The Sun + 10 of Wands + Hermit: 

     The truth shall make you free, it is a recommendation, is saying: do not keep more secrets or lies, because if you want to continue preventing it, will soon come to light. Count it yourself. If you query for a couple or partner, you ask them this question to them.

The Sun and the Wheel of Fortune:

   That person can make you a dizzying effect; It is bold and risky, it seems that does not measure the limits he always goes to the edge of them, and his smile, although it seems that fades for jumps that gives The Wheel by the way in reality return to shine with the equilibrium that gets you back.
   He/she is a juggler of luck, is an untamed traveler, feeding him an inner strength, and absolute confidence. Plays a few dollars, bet, good luck is on your side, it is on a winning streak.

The Sun + Strength:

     If you are sure, that is what you want and fervently desires, go for it. This combination, you say, you’ll have what you want if you fight for it.
     That impassive manner, and that continuing disinterest, you will not get anything. You know you can have it, but still expect to come alone. No you will have to take out all your inner strength and show really is willing. Be in love or at the exact time to say; Yes or no. You can do it.

The Sun and The Hanged man:

     Get off the tree, you go to scorch be many hours in the sun and will achieve nothing. By this I want to say that although for you, the effort is being huge, and has worked hard for this,  But no one told you to hang the tree It you did for your own decision, and they will appreciate it the same, if you come down there. Nobody understands your position.

The Sun + The Hanged man reversed:

     Represents that person that looks like a martyr, always predisposed to breast beating, the mea culpa.
     Very generous with others but continually demanding gratitude for their actions converting them into sacrifices.
     Personal situation of neglect and abandonment that leaves behind.
     Those people surrounded by acquaintance and family, who value and offer all kinds of help, and that nevertheless, wasted opportunities stuck in their ostracism. Lazy, slacker.
     Alwais read more cards.

The Sun inverted + The Hanged man:

     This person has no momentum, no intellectual stimulation, reaction capacity, does not even have the necessary pride as an adult to find a solution and to become independent. he / she will live eternally in that place, when parents die will live in this house, and support of charity. He never takes any initiative.

The Sun reversed + Temperance reversed + The Hanged reversed:

     Emotional blackmail muddy good relations.

The Sun + Death:

     Announces that it must take into account the toll of life.
     Everything has a reason, but sometimes do not understand what happens.
     Great efforts and achievements ephemeral, like a feather.
   Maybe he should not put all their eagerness on this issue, their frustration is that risked too much, consumed too long for such a brief success, as a poppy flower.
     You just have to start over. Whatever it is what you see, you need to start it again. Start with other people, other places or jobs or couples. That the dramatic change that has illuminated concerned; death in the light, then rebirth

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