The Star and  Devil:

The Star XVII + Queens or Empress: We may be seeing the typical harpy, a woman who uses her most intimate part to win a man, the future boss, or the bank manager when he goes to applying for new credit.
   Someone will make you a big favor. You know what happens when a pact with the devil, must be conscientious and astute. If you choose to repent and go back there is still time.
       —   People who use their charms, and physical attractiveness to achieve their goals.

Star reversed and  Devil and  Queen Pentacles:

   Sweet Joanna, nothing scrupulous personality in achieving its objectives, who will step up either by expert in balancing the situations in their own interest and managed, over short distances, he loves risk, adrenaline, devoid of consciousness, because to herself from a hammock in Bahamas everything is ok, except the pineapple juice, missing ice cubes to for his taste.

 Star and  Tower:

   Someone broke your heart?
   Painful situation in which all the expectations of the consultant broke. Emotional blockage. Disillusionment and disappointment.

Star and Moon:

   Feelings or emotions hidden, saved feelings the declarations, which do not dare to do, the truth that dare not tell. What dreams every night, what you love in the depths of your being, which can never solve; feelings, dreams hidden?

Star + Moon + Devil reversed + Ace of Pentacles o 6 Pentacles reversed:

   It is very attentive to this particular issue, not so confident, because the purpose of that case, is to lose money. Not even win, I repeat; the most important thing is, you cause you losses.
   Review your enemies, do not lose sight. Go over to that person who seemed trustworthy and ultimately makes “weird things.”
See other cards, here do not refer issues of contracts, divorce or dissolution of companies, to know what it is referring, see other cards, and especially the query itself, the question of the client.

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