XVI – The Tower

Tower and The Fool:

  • —   The best thing that could happen to Tower, found with Fool, because without knowing how, in what manner or form, sure you will overcome it.

… ¿What how?

  • —   I have already written; in any way, with any decision, method, action, circumstance, situation, improvisation. Do not stay static, follow the movement; although things are not going well, I already know it. But keep walking, do not stop, and anytime you give a mortal triple jump, will be in the fall, on a green meadow with thousands of roses and white flowers, and a creek singing in the background; and you know that everything left behind, You’ve surpassed, and that is a new day; a new life.

The Tower and The Magician:

  • Sometimes in life, things happen for us to make a decision, or change the way it had, as this was harmful, maybe.
  • —   Speaks of those moments in which people go light luggage material because they found so lonely that they found themselves,  this is what comes to tell this combination. Now, it’s time to start from 0 again, but this with the lived experience. Take advantage of it, now make your life what you want, not everyone has this opportunity. It may be referring to any subject or person. Wherever are necessary a rebirth, a second or third chance.

Tower and The High Priestess:

  • These two mysteries together, tell a beautiful story. We told they had very bitter experiences in the life of this consultant, and have learned many people, suffering and the tough decisions that had to take.  However, now he / she are full of knowledge. That person is as soothing as a warm bath, someone you can trust. he / she knows what is war, and now exudes peace
  • The High Priestess in front, with his back to the tower, can symbolize a woman / man, who appears in the life of the consultant and drag a painful past. Perhaps this apparent shyness is not really, perhaps he is so hurt that keeps and treasures his past as a secret diary that seems to hold on your lap.

+ Queen Cups + Page Cups or couple other; symbolizes a mother or grandmother of the consultant and alerts, someone very old need to go see him, perhaps want to dismiss. King Cups + Page Cups, apply identically. . Do not you leave go! He/she feels abandoned

tower combinations card

The Tower and the Empress:

  • “When you change the way of looking at things, the things you look at change” This you can tell the consultant. If women do not get pregnant and do not stress, or turn your life into this obsession, it’s a tip. Adopt a child, start now. You can not have children of her womb, but children … all that able to feed. Because the Empress is Mother, and if it appears on your card reading, is because you are a real mother.

Tower and the Empress + The World reversed:

  • It depicts a woman entrepreneur, who lost everything was ruined, but she’s still the same person committed, hardworking and ready and this has not changed. She can overcome it, and surpass itself.
  • With Empress reversed, it symbolizes the enormous damage that caused bankruptcy in self-esteem, ego, and happiness. Moreover, it’s not the same person since everything collapsed.

The Tower and Empress with The High Priestess:

  • A woman changes after a serious blow, more mature, more experienced, and with his pain behind. The High Priestess in front of the Empress speaks of maturity after a dramatic moment in life.
  • If it is reversed, you have to read this woman takes back a past that marked forever.

Tower with The Empress + The High Priestess inverted + The Emperor:

  • If you are The High Priestess, (mistress) now you understand the change that has given him lately and that your fears were not unfounded those trips to see his children to home from his ex-wife were quite suspicious. He spent two hours primping in the bathroom before heading out the door. You know the reason for their perennial smiles from ear to ear; he is with his family.

The Tower and The Emperor:

  • —   He is strong enough to withstand drops, it does not get along, it will not be long on the ground or in a state of weightlessness; if after Tower continues to be up. The Emperor symbolizes strength and determination to get out of adversity. Whether it a company in critical condition, a job or an undesired divorce, will replenished with equal strength and endurance as always.

Tower and The High Priest:

  • —   In this way marks the tarot, the learned values collapse, if you expect that person to be the way it was before maybe you encounter a stranger with an intense past, which draws its doctrine of life. In love, this combination tells you that this separation was already written, you know, fortunately you have support and advice in these bitter moments.

The Tower and the Lovers:

  • Announces a loss or misfortune in the present, but at that time someone you just met offers a solution, a pact, a business, a conversation. of that tragedy, will come the solution.

Tower and The Hermit:

  • This combination is disastrous, because there where finishes the Hermit, says retirement, prudence, reluctance to material or loneliness. In this case, even accepts penance, sacrifice and devotion. .
  • With Strength or Star, symbolize these states voluntarily, accompanied by tragic arcane are a real penance.

The Tower and Strength:

  • This combination I named before for his composition of hope and confidence in the future. Despite the adversities there is a future, is sure to referring to your wonderful family, your work, which never lacks, friends who are a fortune or to its extraordinary health.

Tower reversed + The Hanged reversed + Hermit, o 10 of Swords:

  • A very tough situation, distressing and sad, by someone close disease,

Tower reversed + The Hanged man+ 7 or 9 of Pentacles reverses:

  • Similar to the previous situation, here it speaks of great economic losses.

The Tower reversed + The Hanged Man reversed + Moon reversed + Queen Swords: look in the book

The Tower and The Death:

  • Undoubtedly, Tower warns us about something decisive, tough, even tragic, an imbalance in your life, rather sad.
  •  Be very clear to whom directed this response and cards preceded because it announces death. Physical death, if the following an arcane light; The Sun, The Star, The Strength, there may be hope.

Tower and Temperance:

  • Sometimes a building is in such bad shap that it is preferable demolished and re-build. From 0. This are pointing Temperance, if you feel that the events overwhelm you which is affecting your mental state, it lacks money, emerging disease, or a divorce right now.
The Tower and Devil:
  • The economic bankruptcy, will bring some alternatives nothing moral and ethical work outside the Law or the Rules, it will start to meet people who can help in the shadow of society. And you accept, but considering that’s like a pact with the devil; once you goals, your problems will be solved, but at that price … well you know in advance.

more in the book

Tower + Moon + 8 Cups reversed:

  • This combination can announce a theft or robbery, home or business, especially at night. Observe, attentive to a blackout, and could start to enter.
The Tower and The Sun:
  • Sometimes, inexplicably, a drama becomes an event of happiness. After the first moments of anguish and anxiety and uncertainty caused by the situation, the fall shall be verified that every day the sun comes harder, and that was very painful or even sacrificed, it was necessary to tear down those walls, so enter The Sun

Tower with The Moon + 9 of Swords + 5 Swords:

  • This overconfidence and  parsimony, you led to make thing evil, and so, you will damage to children, staff, parents, friends, e.g. Because, not only you are fallen, but did tremble who put their trust in you in exchange of; false expectations, infidelity, poorly studied projects, laziness and sloppiness, immaturity, lack of care and touch on issues that could be relevant. Moreover, they could frustrate, as has happened so. Ask yourself forgiveness and if it thinks fit tell the whole truth to those who supported you, and you’ve disappointed.
The Tower and The World:
  •  End status too long and with much emotional weight and even moral obligation, or sacrificed personal decision. Relief, comfort and improvement.
  • + Ace of Cups, 6 cups, lovers all inverted, they appear before it can refer to a broken marriage long ago that the two strive to keep the welfare third parties.

more in the book

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