XV – The Devil

The Devil and The Fool:

  • We refer to these people who live without thinking about others who do not have the slightest empathy for hurt, or simply view the other suffer.
  • + Empress + Star + Page Swords: Most importantly, to when interpreting, It is the question of the client. If you don’t find an answer to these two, it is logical or relevant to the query, then have before us very serious. We is warning; next year will be born a male with a karma that is a penance. Over time, he will discover and in early adolescence. He gives his first displeasure, startled or simply then he will presented as well; here I am, I am the devil and starting this moment, I will make life impossible as I can. (more in the book)
  • In the disease may announce psychopathy or an intelligent being and a 100% perversity.

The Devil and The Magician:

  • The combination represents an ambitious person to satiety, with knowledge, training, education, or good social scale, which allows to that person carry out a thousand and one wheeling and dealing to live always better than the rest. Never work of functionary would die of sadness with a steady paycheck, unable to aim higher.
  • Capitalist partner give the opportunity to grow the businesses.

Devil + Magician reversed + Moon reversed

  • Incarnated; material and ruthless, capricious as a little boy, gets what he wants without any arbitrariness, the lord of the shadows, lies.
  • Your black conscience and a mind dirty, the actions that you perform without mercy with absence of humanity.
  • To me, three cards cannot confirm definitive answer, anything concrete, but can put on advance notice; if still Inverted Temperance. The inverted or Hermit inverted, The High Priestess inverted and Strength, The Star even inverted, You could begin to decipher energies of the underworld, the lower astral. With some of these arcane accompanying, I dare say; work magic. If started, Magician invested, or the Hermit, or Pope UPSIDE DOWN, talk about a specific person. Warlock magic does work, for example.
  • – In front Emperor or Empress, or courtly figure: Person with evil powers, or very bad person this guy, is run by the demons, no doubt. It is worse than cholera!

Devil + The High Priestess:

  • Speaks about a cunning and intuitive woman, because the High Priestess carries the book of wisdom, past, knows the phases of spirit, knows good and evil, predicts and succeeds, is the seer tarot and the Devil that precedes it, and modifies its reading;.
  • It could refer to that woman, which is always on the limit, being a person and a beast looking for formulas to feed his ego. It will never find it in a helpless situation or problematic, hieratic personality puts a veil that prevents emotions break through his powers of persuasion will make anyone denied their desires, and is dangerously strategist. This woman does not succumb to a diamond, not because they fervently desired, but because she does not need to succumb, it will make you surrender to his feet with the box surprise. So acts The High Priestess in his great intuition and great wisdom when it driven by forces deep animal instinct, we all has inside.

Devil + Empress:

  • A beautiful, intelligent and charismatic woman, with people skills and enjoys the sympathy of all, surely is in this combination. Careful because she plays the limit, that is their Achilles heel is so thin the line between what is ethical, of the immoral, the feeling, of the need. This will be in an ongoing struggle. At any time, or if the life gives it a bad hand shuffled, will come the demons that she has inside.
  • See the cards that follow, if not adverse does not have to be a bad person, only one woman too ambitious pursuing a life full of comfort … and, like the rest, I know. However, you read again; she pursues … the rest just craves. That’s the fine line.

Devil + The Emperor:

  • In this combination are born magnates, owners of large business holding, surely this financial lobbies are filled with these snobs.
  • Depicts a man whose past is scattered with dark deeds, social changes; as it is in the outskirts and in the city center, knows how to handle extreme situations, with adversities, which always unharmed, though knocking down the next. Highly competitive when something he likes and want, nothing can remove it from their fingertips.

Devil and The High Priest:

  • Warning about councils or facility with words of someone, who entrusted by its appearance.
  • It represents evil thoughts, willful damage something that has been considered and prepared beforehand.
  • + Magician; It’s really what you’re seeing, a preacher of evil forces, from which they recruit lonely souls who heard his words, and were annexed to their doctrine. It could be a demonic leader because he wields the power of the word, of language.
  • + King of Swords reversed; great communicator expressing just what they want you to hear. Trickster and desperately wicked, no feeling towards others or empathy, a person who is better keeps away.
  • The Devil + The high Priest + Moon invested; a false preacher.
  • The Devil + The high Priest inverted + The Star inverted; work black magic.
  • The Devil + The high Priest inverted + The Star inverted + 2 cups inverted; to break loving couple.
  • The Devil + The high Priest inverted + The Star inverted + Swords; to sicken

The Devil + The Lovers + Queen Cups + 3 of Cups + Queen others:

—  Lesbian couple, but here is saying that there is a third woman in the middle. No talk of infidelity, so to say, that they are open and consensual relations.

—  If the figures are Knights, meaning there in the middle it is the same, it could be an adventure gay,

—   If they Kings, talks about two men who are fighting for a woman.

—  If between the two Queens one of which was the Empress will symbolize the wife or partner, of King cheated.

The Devil and The Lovers and 5 of Swords:

— Rupture of the couple.

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