XIX – Moon

Moon + The Emperor:

    If anyone knew what he carries in his head, perhaps they could stop it, but that is something irremediable. This man is going all out, and the reasons are quite private. He is a methodical fighter and strategist, strong, impacting presence, dry and unsociable. Demanding and sometimes intolerant if do not abide by their forms. It can be cruel launch very contemptuous looks, without speaking he does damage.
   Powerful magnet for the dependent women. Submissive women living with devotion, love relationships.
   If the question is;

My husband is cheating on me. – Question.

YES. – Reply in capital letters.
Before anything he is lying.

Moon + The High Priest:

   This character is even deeper than before, because it lacks the personal magnetism that has the Emperor, nevertheless has a power of seduction, and conviction able to convince anyone that a streetlight at night is the timid sun that comes to look at the moon.

Moon+ Lovers:

   What is happening in this love triangle? Who is lying to whom? 

Moon + Lovers + Justice:

   Read the fine print, make separate property, manage well possessions not mix money with love; you could lose the one and the other. See the following card one is enough it is sufficient.
   Any dealings with people nearby, in which documents is signed, or have email exchanges, any subject in which is due in somehow to physical document. Check it to find the errata, because there is. See the following and the next row.

Moon + The Chariot:

   When one does not know where it goes, never found the site never comes. That is happening here, the interests not agree with the principles or morals of each.
   Decisions taken by self-interest.
   He left without saying goodbye; even if you do not understand maybe one day you do, if you arrive one day, to know the truth

Moon + Justice:

   The injustices, the motives cover up lies, the falsification of documents, dirty and nothing matters clear.
   In love, we are seeing a very interested union, love does not appear, only an interest that affects both.

        Moon + Hermit:

   Person working alone, independent office. Tricks and unconventional forms of make a living
   In love, it symbolizes the end of it, living together for routine, mixed feelings, heartbreak. The grief that produces stop loving or they do not love you. Disillusionment and apathy by the couple and unrecoverable situation, too many issues in the past, too many looses ends and without closing wounds. Do not even care about that, do not even hurt, love is gone.
   There were no reasons for this; it can considered CAUSE and no EFFECT.
   The coming of money, people, activities or a new dining room furniture to change the course of events, only to be discovered, the cloak that covers the surprise; what you do not expect, what you do not deserve, you do not even imagined. Why? Because it is the cause, the effect is for coming. Use it for any purpose.
Remember you are in the Wheel of Fortune, and it warns of unexpected events and sudden turns in your life. Of course, nothing is final with the Wheel in reading tarot. Wheel of is always singing this song;
!Now I turn right … but certainly, in 7 hours, days, months or years, I will turn around¡

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