XIV – Temperance

Temperance + Justice:

     If you are preparing for a job in the the State you are in luck; enlightening the final exams which will provide a place for a lifetime. If is reversed Justice must be submitted again.
Happy call.
     + Judgment Also in the attainment of licenses that give free hand to work; Public transport Taxi service, award of grounds maintenance budgets for any town hall, etc

Temperance + Hermit;

—     Surely, if you encounter these two arcane at the beginning of reading, you believe that the tarot was wrong. When the tarotist tell you; you made a poorly thought out and planned whistle. You did not go objective enough not hefted the risk or benefit, and you still think he is wrong, because it was very elaborate and planned what he has done. You can even believe that it works and third act of what is happening. But I assure you that the cartomante not mistaken, you did. As you meditate, you plan, but this only led you three places behind it were.

—     You not progressed anything, was unsuccessful, it went wrong. Whatever it is the question, non-left – right. They are the fruits of what harvested.

Thought + Action; positive results. Thought + indecisión; frustration.

Temperance + Hermit:

—     You postpone decisions gives too much thought to it.

—     + The Moon; Feelings of guilt and remorse for something that does not dare to reveal.

—     + 9 of Wands inverted: Person who has passed working age without position itself.

Temperance + Hermit + 10 of Swords:

—     Long and serious illness.

Temperance + Hermit + 10 of Swords + 4 de Cups:

—     Indicates that an illness is exceeded after months in bed

Temperance + Hermit + 7 of Swords +   The World + Magician;

—     Combination that arises when a person has left the materials ballasts, has reached the fullness of acceptance and understands the concept of I AM. When it has overcome vanity, and tamed the vast ego, when it has reached full mystical knowledge of oneself, as an integral part of a whole.

—     Metaphysical, illuminated, etc.

—     7 swords, marks the before and after of your personality and goals.

Temperance + The Wheel of Fortune:

—     Go back to the decisive points, the point on the way of life that marks a bifurcation; right or left?

Should consider these results, good or bad, they will stay a while. And that its decision from now, will mark several things which will be linked to the subject query. Wheel of Fortune stops every 7 years, this is the moment to choose which direction will go.

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