XIII – Death

Arcane XIII is the end number. This card is just the breaks the context is the point before and after the Fool trip. Death is the arcane that represents the definitive end; there is no truth in that Deathgives second chances.
Death is the end. There are other cards that although seem the end, but let an opportunity such as Tower, The Chariot Reversed, etc, but Deathnever leave an “after”;
To the question; yes, is the final.
If the Tarot wanted to express in your reading of tarot, which is hope of some kind, other cards would have fallen there. This is important, which appears after this arcane, it is a new beginning. The foregoing died. After the XIII come the XIV, Temperance is transmutation, the transformation. even the mutation; it is a step towards balance or imbalance, a transition from one life to another, from one state to another.
Only Temperance, Star, Strength and World, leaving a second part, leaving a open door. Four arcane with asexual figures, is talking about inside people, mind, and soul, extrasensory, the inexplicable. A miracle…You name it, as you like.
Fool, Magician, Hierophant, The High Priestess and The Priests, They are ambiguous and complex arcane. They can talk about male or female, body or soul.
– The High Priestess + The Priests + 6 or 10 of Cups; Grandparents.
– Death inverted + The High Priestess + The Priests + Star inverted + Devil + 4 of Swords; the consultant is worked at black masses.
Ø  Death inverted + Star inverted + Devil + 4 of Swords; It symbolizes an attack on the soul of undead. These are the dead witch.
Ø  The High Priestess + The Priests: in this case, surrounded by other cards, they say that it is a ritual celebration with powerful forces, masters of magic.

Ø  Only the empress and the emperor, kings and queens, knights and pages, represent person physically.
Death + The Empress  reversed + Moon + Knight of Cups reversed:

   It can represent transsexuals, homosexuals, or people with different sexual patterns.
   Perhaps you are.
Death + The Emperor:

   If you are in the past of that man, should know that you will stay there. Now, after the events of recent times, these men not forgive you anymore. Is the end, he has said enough!
When a strong and masculine, dominant arcane and sensitive love, makes a decision, it is irrevocable. Nothing that will break down The Emperor, when he is decided, after Death you can be sure he has already decided.
This change is positive if it is right, but in reverse, it negatively affects the relation that have with you. See more arcane.

Death + The Emperor reversed + Hermit reversed:

   That haughty figure disappears, causes compassion see now this man. This represents the combination if you ask for this man, whatever the cause; he is going through one of the worst moments of his life, broken and no alternative, depressed and sick.
Death + The High Priest:

     Ends a stage, or ends a problem that left deep wounds in the client. The Pope is saying that after this final, will need advice and counseling and even emotional.
     End of an educational period.
   Change of radical beliefs by an event that goes around to all the principles of life of the querent if you query on another, this definition should considered equal.
Death + Lovers:

   Here, there is no more to say or agree; other combinations leave open entrance to a ray of hope, an open door, or semi, but this combination says it is the end. Their relationship is over, but other love is starting with great force and enthusiasm.
   In friendship, something happened unacceptable, both surpassing the limit of it.
   For corporate or business consultation, Gone are the doubts, this new job is yours a company that should be born from the ashes, bringing in other people and other viewpoints, especially harmony.
   For a worker says; does well to be looking and talking, among the people you know, soon for incorporation the labor, which will be the beginning of a new stage in every aspect related to work; welfare, economic tranquility, useful leisure time, hobbies, etc. Your life will change from now!
Death + The Chariot:

   Sometimes the man does not leave because flee himself, but because it is looking for it. Sometimes wise voices say, but perhaps not so. Tips are given; do not flee yourself! Confront here or never get over this! … Sometimes you do not want to waste time untangling a knot when you know that the end there is only one thread, yarn and thread. So depending on the reward, you have to study the fight, flee or seek only knows oneself. Although you disagree with others, make your own choice.
   + The Emperor; that strange man who came from afar.

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