XI – Strength

Strength + The Empress :

   If you are Empress my most sincere congratulations but if she it is your opponent on theme of love, prepare well in advance, because everything needed to win it.
     She is a jewel, the most beautiful combination of attributes that could have a woman. Clean strong inside; dynamic and subtle abroad.
Strength + The Emperor:

   It could well be the ideal man, because his male attributes, marked by physical force, becomes homogeneous with strength, subtlety card, kindness, warm personality, the law of magnetism of opposite poles. Powerful man conqueror sexy, strong, protective and virile. With a heart full of flowers and wings to take her, live for thousands of dreams.
   Nothing is common, if you are with him, will be able to cover pampering and love … but with caution, it will not hurt his heavy male body.
Strength + The Emperor + Page of Wands + 8 of  Wands :
  The consultant gets a job through a young person. It can also read as a beginning in a young company with a great future.
Strength reversed + The Emperor reversed + Devil reversed:

   Terrible combination; bizarre character who will swear to you that has a deed of ownership, of an island north of Cayman and is eager to make you his queen, since he left three years ago by all the world for this purpose.
End of story
   Scoundrel, shameless womanizer, swindler, liar and troublemaker, interesting and interested seductive, “gallant gold”, “snake charmer”. Rush out and not look back. Not one more minute, his time about you are “Bank interest” each day that passes will cost you money, or dislikes.
   I know it has a lovely smile and a sweet and sensual voice, you have a lump in your throat and almost cannot say goodbye, its normal we face the devil, but must do so for your own good.
Strength + The High Priest:

   A parenthesis tarot to keep in mind a very important person for you, perhaps a parent grandparent, or guardian who is gone. Maybe you should to remind his advice, you know what means if you are receiving this response.
   Symbolizes priest a spiritual father. Wise men are near the client.
    When consulting a mature man, this combination is talking to him, it is telling him not to seek answers outside all have inside.
Strength + Lovers:

   The first impression is not always the one that counts. Advises the consultant reconsider before deciding, and see what is beyond what he sees. Beauty can hide strengths and weaknesses, and ugliness too. Faced with a choice of any kind, do not get carried away by what looks pleasing to the eye, as there is a more beautiful mushroom muscaria amanita and inside is extremely toxic.
 Strength reversed + Lovers reversed + The Wheel of Fortune:

   Here is a little bit clear decision, you know who does not love that person, and you know his dark secrets. It represents the double play, or conversely; perhaps someone who swears you love to you, it will also swear elsewhere. Perhaps you swear here and there, not wanting to lose or win neither the one nor the other. “Neither eats nor let’s eat”, sleep or let them sleep. This is the situation that is occurring, whatever the context; family, friends, work, love. You take all in a twinkling, promise here, and apologies there.
Strength + The Chariot:

   It refers to people who from childhood had clear that they would leave, the village the country or the world. Career and impeccable curriculum
   A company that started of nowhere and it is now solid and the whole future ahead.
   Followed by The Emperor inverted + 2 cups inverted, in the consultation for love; that man stepped away from you for their aspirations. Is possible that alive in the same city, but far from you. His life changed. Know who fought for change, he always wanted ascend one or two steps, which enjoyed learning languages because someday he would need, and all the time he was preparing his trip never ceased in its efforts. A man who query, warns that their aspirations and the new decision it will take on a job or economic issue, to him move away from his beloved. Couple breaking.
Strength reversed + The Chariot reversed + Tower reversed + The World reversed

   Take caution, this combination predicts travel accident.
Strength reversed + The Chariot reversed + Moon Reversed + Devil:

   Drug addiction. Dangerous addictions.
Strength + Justice:

   What you sensed is not far from the truth, trust your instincts this will take the path of truth.
Strength + Justice + Queen Cups u Pentacles+ The High Priestess reversed:

   These violent situations are warning you;
“My sister in law and my husband, they spend too much time together, these friction, are too daring! but … no, … is not possible, this cannot be, my sister in law and my husband?”
 Impossible or No. Nothing is impossible a combination we are talking about a close family woman.
   + 8 of Wands; in any situation that you believe, will be a very difficult match if there are many women in it. You can apply equally in work or money. This is a matter between women. One will be a surprise for you. It is more likely blonde-haired women or heads or co-workers or senior level. Your need more information? I think not.
   + The Emperor + 3 of Cups; Now you know, what will you do? Do you know her? Yeah, right if it is that close and trusting woman which leads secret matters with her husband.
Strength + Hermit:

     It’s time to drop ballast, that position of self-pity does not suit all. Talking about those times when you can make more and nothing done. Lack of initiative, too much passivity towards life.
Strength + Hermit reversed + Star:

     It indicates that an illness exceeded after a few months in bed.
In general announces that it leaves behind a desperate situation that was being chronicled in the life to the point of changing his expression; always languid, melancholy and dejected. Smile, please; everything bad that has already passed.

Strength reversed + The Wheel of Fortune reversed:

     Indecision is the most absurd way of wasting time, life. This combination could tell you weighed all the points have to decide, you cannot delay situations by indecisions. You can and should do, whatever you decide is best that this state of parsimony and indifference you appear to, all because your mind and conscience fight for the unequivocal decision. Even the most prized virtue taken to the extreme, is converted to defect. Your analytical sense sick, it could lead to the chaos confusion. React Now!
Strength + The Hanged:

     The moral and human obligations. Sacrifices with others person by our own volition.
     This combination is talking about the inevitable things, of what belongs to us by right of blood, moral, or whatever. How to care for a sick parent, or take time off to teach crafts, school your daughter, or accept brave face the impertinence of your stepfather, that person so old! Perhaps decide not to divorce for the children, or not go at that time so bad that the company will … etc. Sacrifices do not contribute to economic, and sometimes entail a lot of frustration because not wishing to make them.
Strength + Death:

– Inevitably, for better or worse, this situation will not remain the same. The reasons may be out of sight of other but interested parties they know.
No choice but to get it over with and start something, that may already be under way because the change sudden, immediate, and categorical.

Strength + Temperance:

   Represents the adolescence. The awakening of the senses, the feelings, and the emotional beginning of the tender loving commitments.
This combination always good and you have read the following.
Force, although it has a female figure, is only to refer to sensitive force, and to demonstrate that this can dominate a lion, if it proposes.

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