X – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune and Justice:

The Wheel of Fortune, arcane X, in this combination tells us about what is to come back, what you expected to return that rightfully belongs. 
     Think about what you need to do; an important conversation that was on hold … and years passed.  An explanation that never gave, a testament that opens, or judicial process just to do, act of possessing it. A material object, recovering after a sentence, a divorce is signed or a former partner who returns. Etc.
   It can refer to the enrollment of a university degree, or bachelor’s degree already that will recognize it the consulting.

The Wheel of Fortune and Hermit:

   Announces a drastic change, so we read that the period has been left him exhausted; perhaps too adverse emotions lived, against time, ups and downs, a toxic relationship, an oppressive and unjust work, a health problem, and has an urgent need to move away, to meet.
   If this does not stop along the way, you never lose the knot of misunderstanding, ingratitude, falsehood, slander, or all this disorder feelings that has had to live lately.
   A person who chooses to live alone, divorced man (by the rotation of the wheel), who decides to live the rest of his life alone
The Wheel of Fortune + Hermit + The Empress  reversed + Star reversed:
   It can occur in women after the half-life dilemma; Do I want to be a mother or not? Finally decided; and this time it was inclined to a life without emotional responsibility and dedication involving children.

The Wheel of Fortune + Strength:

—  Congratulations, I congratulate you. In fact we should all be so, as you right now, is that these two cards together relate to genuine and resolute people. It looks like something the guide from within, seems to know everything; the past, present and future, always act accordingly. Phenomenal, but do not know how you do you are an expert in deciphering codes of the karmic round, Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune + Strength + Star:

    “The power of the intention”. Read the previous and following cards, and find the rest of answer.
   After more than ten minutes drawing a response that would be logical, I decided to give the symbolism with a example; We have all read, that if talk to the plants they are more beautiful, have fewer bug, neither illnesses, and their cycles are more florid. In all religions, there is a kind of prayer that is repetitive phrases repeated repeatedly, the Koran, The Rosary, etc. Experiments have been conducted on water molecules; two glasses of water, one it is seen and spoken softly, cleaned and given a better room, listening to music, etc. what you want to imagine positive, Without, however, the other glass remains in the shadows, in a place which receives.

The Wheel of Fortune + Strength + The World reversed + The Hanged + Star reversed + Courtiers and Pages:

   People, who after moving house, building, neighborhood or city, (The World reversed + The Hanged + Courtiers and Pages ) replenish health and self-confidence; quite sure that he had problems in that neighborhood, it is very likely that they criticized him by back, certainly made them disappear his correspondence or perhaps they living with someone who hurt and despised to you. When he left a job and feels that despite the difficulties now, emotionally every day is better, and now feeds his enthusiasm, to see the sun come up with another momentum. When several people who previously related, started a war against someone, damage power of intention can be very big and powerful.
The Wheel of Fortune + The Hanged man + Tower:
   Company that in a state of suspension of activity, waiting for money with Pentacles or Devil. Intend to return to work after this interruption, they never surrender.
   In love, he is referring to a couple whose marriage is based on the perfect understanding, because although the hanging man, talk of sacrifices after these things look differently, and so in the fall of ancient styles and routines of his life, are proposed a continuation. Not a reboot, a second chance because they never distanced.
   They well known many cycles ago 7 + 7 + 7 … and still together. These two practice without knowing the power of intention.

The Wheel of Fortune + Death:

   This combination speaks of the cycles, stages, and could mean a big change, a complete reform concepts, discovering that for a long time was wrong or right.
   By the nature of the wheel, symbolizing not need to see this path with the physical eyes, this is a path of the soul, and its continuous movement “now down, now up,” he warns of impending death; the great final change; As it is above, so below. Check with the other cards of spin. Read the above because if these are the last.  Check with the other cards of spin. Read the above because if these are the last.

The Wheel of Fortune + Temperance:

   Oh, I would write something else! but again refers to physical death of someone. La Wheels says, he returned and served its purpose, and now turns back and leaves. Temperance, marks the tunnel on the other hand, water from a pitcher to another, who transferred to the other dimension. Transmutation of matter.

The Wheel of Fortune + Devil:

   Devil is the most materialistic of the 22 major arcane; like lust, pleasure, money, comfort excess, sees the world; he is a snob. That tells us this combination, carried away by the pleasures of life. Which is not bad or good, it is just something else. It does not define the amount of money to the person, but rather people define how your money is. They can do great things with him or petty; but it is not money that acts, but the ability to handle it a human being. Some people are born with a goal, have your passion; luxury living, they fight for it, The Power of Intention. I see no sin, no more than that long for to be an astronaut or oceanographer. In the laws of the universe there is no distinction or preconceived thoughts, or prejudices, these are the put human as touchdown in Earth.
The Wheel of Fortune + Tower:
   Past decisions are the results of this; this tells us the two arcane. This time you have to start again with other views, with another turn of the wheel. Do not worry, start again … and this is a good sign.
   In love, showing a disappointment; fell the hero of the pedestal on which we had placed. It shows those moments of disbelief, almost stupid, which cannot oneself believe what is happening. Not known that aspect of your partner, I would never have imagined what has happened, or is hopeless to happen.

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