VII – The Chariot

The Chariot + Fool:

  • This began with the arcane Chariot symbolizes the fate. The fate can change. Fool, outside the norm, with his indestructible energy and momentum always move forward and get where nobody did, is giving the answer. Because only you have the direction of his life and every decision made during life. Brand right or left; and from that chosen side, two options open; up or down. And after that another, yes or no, now or never, etc. Thus it comes to tell us yourself and your decisions are the masters of their destiny.

The Chariot + Magician:

  • This is the combination of entrepreneurs, of which they are capable of having an idea and develop it, the inventors, who are released security to realize their dreams.
  • About love, it is not very favorable. As the consultant is deciding and planning things too much, situations until dinner totally staged.

The Chariot + Empress + Moon inverted + Star:

  • If the query is health, he is referring to women’s diseases, (or diseases that still intimate did not face).
  • If The Chariot appears inverted, announces a complicated pregnancy.

The Chariot inverted + The Emperor inverted + Star reversed:

—   The Chariot reversed with Emperor reversed are, people without will, with low self-esteem. + Star reversed disordered life, no interest in their health.

The Chariot inverted + The Emperor + Devil inverted:

—   Lazy and sluggish person.

—   Inveterate gambler, vicious, playboy, partying, prostitution, sex-patient end.

The Chariot inverted +  Emperor inverted + Hangman inverted + Devil inverted:

—   Alcoholic. Drug Addicts. Any uncontrolled disease becomes addiction.

—   Bad decisions of the past now they spend their bill. Economic losses.

The Chariot and the Pope:

—   Decisions made in the past are going up.

—   A situation in which they must listen to all options and opinions, do not obsess or rule out possibilities. Situation that if you act properly lead his good achievement

The Chariot inverted + Pope inverted:

—   The debts, or decisions made thoughtlessly, impulsive, with fear, uncertainty, or stubbornness,shall return the course of events.

—     Human stupidity.

The Chariot and Lovers:

—   Conflict or decision, in which the relations and communications between participants feel goodwill for solution and the good of all.

—   Good order and direction. Adequate work pace.

—     On the subject of love, a couple begins.

—   Relationship recent partner which carries an unbridled pace, with long-term plans.

The Chariot and Justice:

—   The consultant will have to travel to the issues that are; love, money, sign contracts, purchase and sales, meetings, surgeries. Whatever it is you have to do important in this near future, you should make a trip to bring it to fruition.

—   Decisions taken well, but sometimes are not what we wished.

The Chariot and The Hermit:

—   Around the place of origin, home of the parents, the old love, first job, to which he was almost buried in time.

—   Period necessary for deep reflection that affect the personality and worldview. Self-knowledge.

Chariot + Hermit + The Star:

—   Combining describes the search for inner knowledge. A new vision, hope, and purpose in life. It can be people who find God in any facet of your life, or practicing meditation and get through the threshold into his deepest self. Guardian angel. Spiritual guide.

The Chariot + The Wheel Fortune:

—   It describes professional success, a rising career and reputation. Public recognition of the merits.

—   On the subject love, you are certifying that did the right thing, ideal couple.

The Chariot + The Hanged man

      —     In this combination the effects of the Hanged man, are those who have chosen the consultant, as The Chariot gave him his chance to decide.

—     Act of renunciation of the goods themselves, for the benefit of others.

—     He sacrificed his life for others.

—     Phone call that fails, is delayed news, suspension travel, time passes without news, a love that does not return. This combination speaks of lost time.

The Chariot and Death

            —   His personality, his way of acting or doing things, hurts others. Although it is not their intention, you would all follow their guidelines marked with acceptance that their tips were valued as an interest in everything it does is for good. But others do not seem well. It will break relations with these attitudes. Reconsider and change the way they communicate or directing, or advising others … and everyone will thank you.

The Chariot inverted + Death Inverted:

—     Unfortunately, this combination yes speaks of an accident; fall down the stairs, slip at home, train accident, automobile etc. With nothing lucky, end Followed by 10 Spades, 5 Spades. The Tower inverted or Hermit inverted involves serious injuries. This if the query is on a trip.

—     If you query for money; He is telling us that everything is at a standstill. If you invested, or buy something I thought was interesting, it was a bad decision. But if the accompanying The Justice, these goods are seized, paralyzed, without knowing when will available again. Or never again be yours.

In love, this relationship is at a standstill. The Chariot + Ace Cups inverted + Death Inverted; sexual apathy, lack of communication, lack of common projects. The end is near or not, they can be so long, full lif

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