VI – Lovers


The Lovers and Fool:

– These arcane not talk about love, and if they did it would be “crazy love” because he is referring us exactly that; casual relationships, experimental sex, desire to discover other forms of carnal pleasure; bisexuality, BDSM, other ways to enjoy sexuality, feelings, experiences skin and senses.
– For the money, advises close the wallet from time to time and better management, because your hand out too, without order or arbitration. This is the typical person who when asked the gives € 200, although only take 400 €. Is not proactive in his own need, then find that has neither 1 €.
– With Fool reversed; if you choose to live with that person, the wrong decision, stayed with that person and wasteful spendthrift. Unable to have continuity in a job, affecting his eccentric personality to all fields in their life together. You got on the roller coaster.

The Lovers and The Magician:

– Period of opportunities that come out of the blue, some in which you never thought. Good time to positions up or consolidate. As Magician gives the certainty that lovers always leaves in the air, because of its ambiguity.
– On the subject of love, a wonderful being that gets you noticed appears, will dazzle you and want to know everything inside. Very beautiful relationship is getting closer.

The Lovers and The High Priestess:

– If we refer to a person, says this combination, which is unpredictable because it can quickly change their minds or behavior; yes it was yesterday, not tomorrow. This morning was green, in the afternoon was red. These changes result in restlessness and confusion to the couple or partner, because are usually by own ideas, revealing dreams, or drawing created his mist in the glass window of the taxi. Anything that can never even imagine, because often not tell their motives, they are hidden in the depths of his psyche.
– Couple hidden secrets, things that the consultant nor imagine.
The High Priestess with Lovers is disastrous. Symbolizes the faithless lover, Higt priestess represents the third person in a love triangle. (+ With Queen Wands reversed)

The Lovers and The Empress

– If man consulting; He is telling you to open your eyes, has before him a woman who could even become the mother of his future children. If you are female, you will receive finally a declaration of love or engagement ring in the ring finger.
– Changes in a company or family or group, led by a woman, beautiful and intelligent, take them to rest on the right track, if accompanied Pentacles will be on earnings and welfare, if Cups, harmony and reconciliation, with Wands good job and high, interesting earnings.

The Lovers + The Empress reversed + Tower + Queen of Wands + or 6 of Wands + 9 Wands:

– However, in the combination everything changes, announces the contrary. Beautiful young woman who comes to a group to form the chaos, discussions, conflicts, conspiracies, disunity. A pregnant daughter living at home, a niece of his sister’s happening in your home for a while, or even a domestic worker, domestic service … who is it? You will know when it first appears
– On the subject of love, you screwed. That woman as beautiful and sensual, angelic smile, became a “bad-witch”, a harpy, unscrupulous nor empathy with the Two of Pentacles or 5 reversed, it will also lose a good sum of money
– Whether male or female, this matter is in the present tense, is happening now, toxic relationship, very disastrous and will never forget.

Lovers and The Emperor:

– If a woman consultation is telling you to open your eyes, faces her to a man who could be the love of his life, even the father of her future children.

(more in the book)

Lovers and The Chariot

   Two arcane together to dizzy, they give a sense dizzying, accounting for continuous movement of ideas, decisions to make, what we desire against what we must, or Anne or Isabella , City or country ?, wine or beer? … But in this position it is saying that all is well; decision.
The Lover + The Chariot reversed:
     Concerning companies, we could say that this will never work; playing too many hands the cash drawer. Too many chiefs and not enough workers, agreement or covenant not going anywhere, with very bad management company will run the financial drift
     In matters of  love, a relationship that does not advance for lack of mutual interest. Last failed reconciliation.
You have to read other cards, they can explain the reasons and details of this situation.

Lovers + The Chariot reversed + Tower reversed or 4 Wands + Justice:

   Couple goes directly to a separation.
   Partners with irreconcilable differences. Separation of corporate assets, dissolution of companies.
Lover reversed + The Chariot reversed + Temperance reversed + The Star inverted + Strength reversed  + 10 Swords:
     This combination is bad luck, evil shadow, fate, karma sometimes unbearable, insufferable. If you leave at the end of the exposure of the cards in the deck selected, predicts a sad life with much dismay. In this much loneliness caused by a immeasurable pain.
     Can be talking about suicide, or waiver of a minimum quality of life, personal disaster, a psychic and emotional deterioration that leads to a subhuman life.
Similar combination then observe that while in the previous talks about what occurred the events themselves or making oneself, in the following, it is a similar situation for losses caused by the other, “what is beyond our hands “
   Lovers symbolize in this case, the relationship of the client with its surroundings

The Lovers reversed + Fool reversed + Chariot reversed + Strength +  Star reversed + The Hanged man:

   They are the things that happen to neither oneself without having deserved nor having participated in anything that could cause you that bad; a potentially deadly allergy or failure of the operating room. That night that he was driving without lights, against her husband, that robbery that fateful night just before she returned home.(e.g) “The relentless fate”
Lovers reversed + The judgment reversed + The Empress + The Emperor:
   The two combinations allude to bad decisions, which chose wrongly. You may be giving the cause of divorce, marriage wrong; It is a good reason. In any case, he says, that this break, cut communication, misunderstanding, fight neighbors, winding up of business society error in the change of counsel at the last minute … etc. It has caused you.
   If you are man, with reversed Empress, you tell it was her, but if she is on the right were the two together. Conversely, if you are The Emperor invested, everything will have been at fault. Learn right a precise definition that gives us the combination, can help us a lot in the final conclusion.
Lovers  +  Justice:
     It’s the combination that says what you decide will be right.
     A couple decides that the time has come to move beyond formalize or strengthen a relationship.
     Right Lawsuit between three or more people for the consultant is beneficial if acted properly and not broke the law or caused the evil that may accuse. Because always remember; just, it is just whoever the culprit.

The Lovers +  Hermit:

   In relationships, he says that although apparently all is well and calm, it is only an appearance, as in the privacy of their lives the couple is cold, distant and unloving. Both distances saved too many aspects that do not know the other. You could also say that living with someone who does not really know
Lovers reversed + Hermit reversed:
     None understanding in a couple too many secrets between them, different claims, objectives separately. No flowing, no sincerity or good intentions
   For the money, you may hear unwise investment advice in any case denotes lost, disorder, a bad decision.

The Lover  and Wheel of Fortune:

   This shows clearly the sense of drawing the first card; Lovers. You will have to decide between two people, and this will be very decisive in his life. Look to the soul, look beyond appearance and see the heart and the right decision
Lovers and Strength:
   This combination speaks loves childhood or adolescence will always remain in the depths of the heart, may even be a match with a love of past lives
 If it precedes Death + El World.
   Dilemma presented and make a decision that will affect their whole existence, it could even hurt a lot, see the following charts. The consultant has personal reasons for being in that situation. You cannot advise anything, everything is inside. His name; love
Lovers + Strength + Ace of Cups or 2 cups:
   This is the only time of the Tarot, I think, in which the lovers cease to be three. That triangle disappears decision of the consultant and become “one in two”, “two in one”. There is only the magical power of the deepest feelings, which come from the heart and soul. Time when love fills your life, period of much joy.
Lovers reversed + The Judgment reversed:
   Toxic relationship. Unbearable, even harmful to health and good order in everyday life of the client. Emotional chaos, no understanding, conflicting interests. Unsustainable relationship, which must now close for the good of both
Lovers + The judgment reversed + The Hanged man+ Devil reversed:
     Here, a calculator in hand and multiply the above by 13; these two arcane, transformed into two kamikazes will eventually up crashing together. This combination speaks of relationships that must come by karma or destiny, because incomprehensible for those who like spectators attending their continuing disputes, reconciliations, quarrels, kisses and slaps.
     No one dares to intervene. They have an unhealthy dependence on the other, kissing and insults, kicks to the horns (infidelity). Love and hate, they are damaged and lick. A real crazy love with sad ending.
The Lovers and Death:
   What happened in the past it was there, it’s a new beginning, a new order, a new alliance, but of themselves. It symbolizes the second chance.
The Lovers and Temperance:
   People who after good communication and a lot of interest since have found a balance to live, work, study or play the cello together.
Lovers + Devil:
   Strong sexual attraction, promiscuous life, liberal sex.
   Speculation. Immoral or illegal economic agreement that will hurt other much.

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