V – The High Priest

The High Priest inverted + The Hanged man reverted + Tower

+ The Judgedment + Four of Swords: 
  •  The High Priest and The hanged man reversed  It tells us about the most internal, most intimate, most hidden things, and even those that we still do not know but exist, that are.
  •    Deep and severe depression. It will be chronic. You help this person! all you can and think, who never fully recover, the scar is huge. Mental states that remain after traumatic experiences; serious accidents, fires in several of the same family die, despair produced by humiliating or painful separations, etc.
Very sad and painful situation. Wounds in the soul.
The High Priest + Death:
The consultant gives a rapid turn in his life, freed from moral or religious yokes that kept him in a state of fear and inhibited freedom to act, make decisions about what he wanted, or pursuing their desires.
Defines a sensation  had not lived fully what was desired, feeling useless and lost past, education very restrictive with too spiritual teachings that made him forget his physical body, indulge the senses, make mistakes sometimes and not be punished even himself with exaggerated regrets and nonexistent flaws carried dragging. The consultant stripped of the straitjacket that prevented him from opening his arms to love freely and why not fly as far as you take their feelings and joys and aspirations. This death  is freedom.

The High Priest inverted + Death:

 On this occasion, due to the same reasons above, we have a client who does not have the strength to change to say goodbye to what is destroying it. Thus a tendency to loneliness sum for not wanting to talk with others and ask for help, some support and strength, perhaps he is embarrassed or perhaps does not have the confidence or self-esteem, for any reason, increasingly isolated, with all its broken dreams.
The High Priest inverted + Death inverted + Hangman inverted
+ Ten of Swords + The tower inverted:
Read the two previous combinations, and now continue here; State of apathy for life, meaninglessness of life, leading to emotional agony have a lack of interest in life. There is no craving to get up the next day, no plans for the future, no one expects him anywhere, it really was alone. With Moon in the same row or reversed just below the high priest, there may be suicidal.
The High Priest + Temperance:
This is a state of perfect balance. Will be managed to set the mind and spirit, healthy body and healthy mint. I have to say that I love these people, when you approach them, a magical and very subtle halo around you is like a cloud of empathy, acceptance, reconciliation with the world, with the elements; Temperance is the transmutation of one state to another, even reincarnation.
Priest + Temperance + Death + World +  Star:
In this combination refers us, very close to a new birth, and that this child new family member, is reincarnation of an ancestor. It is not known whether man or woman, when speaking of these high states of the soul, do not distinguish the sexes

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