XII – The Hanged Man

The Hanged man and The Fool:

The hanged man fed up enough when the Fool appears! It’s over! You will no longer take on the problems of others, and you will not sacrifice your time or lose more money with this matter. For you, this issue is resolved. you said end

The Hanged man and Magician:

Perhaps your experience is today perfect, or your studies ended with good rate. The point is that you feel completely ready and willing to get “down to work” to take action. Now, you want all that sacrifice serve something, will want to work for what it was prepared for so long, and most likely, so be it.

The Hanged man + Magician reversed:

It represents the weariness and helplessness that has caused him to make an effort so considerate, for nothing after all. Your projects do not progress, prmises of employment delayed, if you waited long time to reach that person from afar, he will not. Work and economic situation or adversity, never end be solved.

The Hanged man+ The High Priestess:

The tarot gives advice; drop ballast, you do not live dragging resentment, or past offenses. Your personality is affected, and their relationships with others cooled because of which always hurt by his words or actions. You are feeling disappointed and victim because the others did nothing more. Maybe they could not.

Still, carries within it a parallel life to the living, it is unable to bury the memories of events that are painful. is ven possible that unfounded, or magnified in his head so give laps interspersed with his immaturity and pride.

Maybe you are giving too much importance to something that already happened and nothing can change.

The Hanged man + The Empress :

If we talk about love, that woman is giving too many excuses, always deferring any circumstances, it could have a closer that will take you to know you better, which is what you would like. She sneaks like a trout in his hands, impossible to advance in that his desire. Maybe if you go down the tree and walks away, she look like, because the Empress is pure and beautiful feelings, but if she does not learn a little more of the decision, and strong and resolute character, + The Emperor, he left with another person as he is crossing his path.

Talk, do not wait for her to authorize him, because he is accustomed to fiery and direct statements, you are relaxed and polite style and Β will not attract anything. Even she might think you are a weak, indecisive, insecure and inadequate to maintain a relationship person. Remember, that the emperor is it the ideal partner, if a King is close, this does not know conquer.

It symbolizes the fruits that they wait too long, (and that it may not come, Man reversed)

The Hanged man reversed + Empress + Star inverted,

Β It could refer to a pregnancy that fails, abortions in the first few weeks, even a woman infertile.

+ 7 of Pentacles In the economic area, it is favorable, after so much work and sacrifice, or the risk it took to make that investment, is beginning to bear fruit. Well done

The Hanged man + The Emperor:

This combination can refer to a single person or company, and symbolizes that the time has come to take action. There are no alternatives; it is all set, and failure to do now you are missing the opportunity to get it, because this is the time, and no other.

The Hanged man+ The High Priest:

This combination could talk to a person who has been prepared for a long time, and today is a teacher; professor, Jesuit priest. Any work involving delivery of knowledge to others.

Representing a mature person, whose existence dedicated to non-professional study, embracing the mandolin or draw caricatures in his room day and night, and perhaps represents a significant burden on their parents, or wife, because he has no ambition or future employment plans.

They are tired of keeping you, get to work, and continue your personal search for the truth, or laying what others want is that you join the group and contribute money

The Hanged man and The Lovers:

Under these circumstances, chances are that one end by throwing the dishes to eat on the floor, or climbing the walls of pure despair and exhaustion. Why so hard for you to decide, My God, what are you waiting?

Subject delayed greatly and which each day feels insecure. It has been completely at the expense of such person or persons. And is paralyzed until you move them, you take the decision to leave him is the only thing to do or continue to wait .

The Hanged man and The Chariot:

Awesome, how cool you got off the tree, if others see him now they would not believe. Take a picture albeit with the mobile phone. This combination tells us that either way; you got tired of waiting; or decided what is most important and will not wait a minute longer to move towards it.

Surprising for their loved ones, you will take a decision.

The Hanged man and Justice:

What you expected comes already. This combination is recognition for their efforts, their work or their way of being just. You, has acted with patience and sometimes cost him much continue to is this matter. Trying to throw in the towel “on many occasions, but now has shown that worthwhile.

A trial looming, too slow affair, and difficult to prove or defend, with many loose ends. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial for the consultant.

The Hanged man and Justice and The Sun o As of Pentacles:

This combination refers more explicitly to a claim for damages can be physical.

The consultant lost part of it (health) or property; should know that justice would be done.

We may say that in these moments of your life you do not care too much what they think others. What is right and what is not, considered already offered enough, and now explosively, impulsive. Even irreverent, says goodbye to all those obligations or responsibilities,

β€”Β Β  This applies to any query. Which transmits it to the consultant said enough! It’s over!. It will not have taken it anymore the problems of others. Not will sacrifice in his time, or lose more money with this matter, for you, this issue is settled. You said, End

The Hanged man and The World:

β€” Enter a Sudden craving, to enjoy, laugh, jump, Live life. Explosion of because finally it comes the much needed; a period happiness. See other cards to know why all the fuss.

The Hanged man + The World + Lovers + Ace of Cups:

β€” New opportunity for love. This combination says the consultant after a long period without a partner, find someone who will no longer expected. It is the combination of second chances. A love that comes after a long time

The Hanged man and The World + Ace of Cups + The Priest + 8 de Cups:

β€” These arcane define people with a universal love. The eternal celibate, unmarried convinced, those who decide never to have own family. The missionaries, volunteers from social assistance.

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