VIII – Justice tarot combinations

Justice and Temperance tarot combinations :

   We refer to a traditional person, with a schematic life. Analytical approach and for
   A situation, in which all points are considered, studied and weighed.

Justice + Temperance reverse + Devil:

   Long process of restructuring and implementation of a business, company, etc. that never comes to end by the intervention of outsiders matter.

Justice + Devil:

   Separation of goods made with bad faith, selfishness, indifference and lack of empathy with the couple.
   Illegal Mortgage, loan, usury interests, mafia lender.
 Justice reverse + Devil + Tower inverted + Moon:
   Legal problem. false witnesses,
     Judgment in which all the witnesses are against the consultant. It shall prepare a plan to expose the lies and false evidence, or have very long-term consequences.
  Justice inverted + Devil + 2  Swords inverted + 6 of Wands  inverted:
   Betrayal of a partner, accountancy distorted with the intention of stealing the company / partner. Plan to ruin the consultant, disloyalty, and forged documents.
   Vile person who financially maintained at the expense of work, effort, and sacrifices of others. 
   With Emperor invested, Pimp.
Justice inverted + Devil + Ace of Pentacles inverted + Judgment inverted:
   Company corrupt, black money, capital flight. (With Carriage before)
   Labor exploitation, workers without contracts.

Justice + Tower:

   + Pentacles invested Very painful and difficult recovery irreparable losses. Closures, bankruptcy
Justice + Tower inverted + 9 of cups or Lovers inverted or both:
   Impending separation, disputes, fights, insults, lack of resources, food, chaotic situation in a family that enforces the Spanish proverb; “When the money does not come through the door, the love jumps out the window.”
Justice + Tower + Magician + Wands reversed:
   After the storm comes the calm always. Bad situation in any aspect, but hopefully in the future; will have to start from 0 and not make the same mistakes. The interest and commitment, for out of the doldrums and survive. Within the the negative, this combination leaves a door open to hope. Life goes on.

Justice + Star:

   This combination is always positive, refers to the satisfaction that leave things well, it symbolizes be at peace with oneself; apologize to someone, visit a friend who broke years ago by absurdities, hugging a mother. and tell him you never told it; Mom, I love you. That said, be at ease with itself.
   A good sign, a contract, a purchase of goods.
Justice + Star + Devil + The Hermit:
   When expressly speaks of hidden money, must follow the Hermit + Devil, this combination is <the safety deposit box>.If you are crazy looking for him, you know where it is!
Justice inverted + Star + Judgment inverted:
   Deception for product purchased with great enthusiasm; a coat, a watch, a car, a trip to Madeira, etc. “Pig in a poke.” Look out, nothing is as it seems on the surface, the truth is always within, behind, below.
   A person can cause it; a couple, a friend, e.g. See previous cards..

Justice and The Moon tarot combinations :

   When this combination appears, immediately you look for in the others because to us are talking of their own reasons, the whys. It means the right to live each one the most intimate aspects
Justice inverted + Moon inverted:
   False documentation.
   In a court; evidence or false witnesses.
   In friendship, unimaginable betrayal of a person; much cherished friend.
   On the subject of love, it represents the former partner.
The Justice inverted + Moon inverted + The Empress or Emperor or Queens or Kings or The Lovers or Ace of Cups inverted:
   Perennial presence of the previous life of a person loving pair, regarding the current. Unbearable former couple who may end up dissolving the new relationship.
   Unsustainable situation infidelities and relapses to the old boyfriend, husband or domestic partner of the consultant.
Justice and Sun:
   The agreement, purchase, notarization … everything about documents, studies, transactions, contracts, signatures, is very positive and will be successful long term.
   With a courtesan figure, Emperor or Empress, one person without complications daily living, honest, with a special feeling for the weak, sweet personality.
Justice inverted + Sun:
   The Sun takes away all the impact that Justice when it falls upside down, this time alludes to the aspects that do not come to fruition, but do not produce lost the consultant, perhaps just the opposite; although initially there is disappointment and think you have missed the opportunity really that was his luck; it was not for you.
Justice + Judgement tarot combinations :
   After wandering through life, having learned of the evils and the Beatitudes, a man at the end is alone with himself, and then asked and be accountable. Perhaps the consultant had a difficult childhood, a hard life, worked from dawn to dusk from a very young for his family, which was large and poor. You, which was formed with all its sorrows, emotional deficiencies, or blows of life, who stood alone without parents or with them, and many other least brothers and could barely deal. Yes, exactly he deserves everything that has achieved, no one disputed; anyone but you. Because this combination is the most transcendental conversation one has with itself in his life;—
   ‘Everything I got, everything I have, but now, my God, now I want to know where is what would make me happy?
   A man in peace himself.

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