IX – The Hermit

The Hermit with The Magician:

—   The Hermit with Magician a very nice combination, symbolizes the search for the ideal, decisions with boldness and courage, love cards, reports on prudent love that can last a lifetime by the mere memory of a kiss.

Hermit + Magician + strength:

—   Here is the figure of the healer, the curer.

Hermit + Magician inverted + strength Inverted + Devil

—   Sorcerer, person who works occult forces the astral under. Witchcraft does derail the fate of people. Black magic

The Hermit with Magician + The Pope:

—   Independent ideology or religious leader, involved belong to a congregation, home – spiritual, farm – home, etc.

—   The question of love, could said, has been in love with a magical person, one who has a great knowledge, but that he only intended brotherly love. It is not suitable for even the relationships loving.

Hermit with Magician invested + Moon inverted + Devil:

—   Independent ideology or religious leader, which involves belong to a congregation, home spiritual, farm-home, etc Dangerous doctrines for the equilibrium of those who follow.

The Hermit and The High Priestess:

—   Talks about a woman with special sensitivity; the old spirit. Knowledgeable about the secrets of the soul sees beyond why The Earth is a person of great wisdom, to which it goes to get advice, where one, has great faith.

The Hermit with The High Priestess + Moon reversed + Magician reversed:

—   Talks about woman with special sensitivity, the old spirit. Knowledgeable about the secrets of the soul she is able to change the fate of another person through the manipulation of energy and supernatural forces.

The Hermit +  The High Priestess + Moon inverted+ Devil 
+ inverted Magician +  Judgment inverted:

   Speaks of a witch, a sorceress. Person who power magic energy and divination, If it is a very old spirit could be a man too; because the closer to pure soul consciousness,

—   The end of the roll, it is warning you that this woman knows you. If suddenly this combination puts you on alert, do not forget, do memory, think … Who would be interested in you change anything? Do you take away something from you? What harm you? Even inspire love you … keep asking questions and see who it is.

Keep in mind the advice of this arcane The Hermit;

  • Ø  It has disappeared like a personal garment worn? perhaps the pullover was left in the back of the chair in the restaurant? … Are you sure you left him there?
  • Ø  … That so flirtatious girl, offered to give free manicure and spontaneously, does she work in the company of her husband? …
  • Is your young neighbor? Exceptionally since it entered into full youth, he is always at your home. Do you have children of your age? Not? Then how old was your husband last? … Keep asking questions
  • Ø  Your “friend” has decided spontaneously, that your partner and you so immortalize in a photo? Would she order embrace you two? … She did you suggest you to take off the glasses to leave your beautiful eyes?
  • Ø  Four hours, that you threw a tampon for toilet paper and throw mysteriously second ago was gone? Who comes to your bathroom? ¿Your couple…  your sister in law, of your child tutor.

If people knew the effects, and circumstances, details and strategies that are performed, before having a spell, or a mooring (Love Mooring) or cut couple, cut roads, etc …

You could be prevented, because just like is magic, there is also the anti-magic.

  •   -It will always be a person close to you.
  •   -Someone who can desire what you have.
  •   -Someone the last Weeks has often called, or who has a condition nearest you. (More than other times)
  •   -Beware of personal belongings, photographs without sunglasses.

To prepare the magic, it will be necessary:

  •   Your photograph.
  •   Your DNA.
  •   Your location. You must know, that while they are working magic, the sorcerer needs to know in what place you are. Even the address is important to him.
  •   The anonymous phone calls to the mobile phones are to disturb your sleep. For you to feel tired and concerned, and start thinking things that are not.
  •   When sleeping, magic acts faster if you’re really tired.

The Hermit, with his wisdom and above all sensitivity and knowledge asked you these questions below.
With an exquisite intuition that is born in the subconscious, he would ask you..

The Hermit ash you; Signs of being haunted;

  •   See if you drop more of hair.
  •  Bad breath.
  •  You will suffer mental confusion.
  •  That you believe to be haunted, they will not believe you.
  •    Lapses in traffic light, in a math’s lesson. Carelessness or forgetfulness; preparing meals without salt or high in salt. Not remember where you left your keys, or similar things happen too often.

  While you think you are well, others think that is affected, it is not real everything you are narrating.

  • Usually when something is confusing and causing us pain, we usually go to tell all these things to the person you most trust. That is closer.
  • The mistake to tell the closest friend all the details, maybe she/he is.

Imagine that you attacker by a lover of your love partner:

  • If you inform to your couple, it is wrong. Because it can also be your own partner, or mistress or she/he.
  • If the lover of your husband / wife asks questions about you, and him innocently, (your couple) tells about you; where you are, if traveled, or in his mother’s home a few days, or you are concerned, or if you distrusts she/he. It has enough information to know what is happening between you two, and if the spell is really working.
  • It is very important that you calm down and begin to study people around you.
  • Of course, if you already have a suspicion you will be closer to the truth.
  • Very often happens that when a couple is under attack cutting partner, called on the phone and discussed in the presence of third lover. Many conversations in front the third party. which obtains information in the shade.

You must be skillful. Watch your partner, if he is man worked with menstrual magic is very powerful, and you try him / her, drink milk, too much milk. do it without telling what you suspect, do it in secret. You include this in mashed potatoes, refreshing fruit smoothies, breakfast, use yogurt in salad, anyway, any food that carry milk. Check that (unless either intolerant above) starts to smell his breath of indescribable way, you will not find in your olfactory memory this smell, almost stench.

Protect yourself with stones, quartz;

Offer a tiger-eye, crimped in a ring or pendant chain.

The Tiger Eye is a repellent lower astral energy, witchcraft. Observe the Tiger Eye before he put it on; make a picture to have an accurate reference it. This can change its intensity if your husband or boyfriend very worked, but it absorbs these energies. In cases of men worked for months with menstrual blood, the stone has come to crack.

If these changes occur, you can be sure it he is worked with magic.

I do not want to deviate from the subject of this book, with this anti magic, now I’m writing a book about these dangerous items, but I want to convey the idea that The Hermit, surrounded by cards courtly figures, or benevolent card, is a arcane talking recovery, improvement, leaving behind bad periods, disease recovery, etc. But when placed together Devil, Magician The High Priestess, The Moon, must pay close attention. Something shown in the tarot very important and unrealistic question Perhaps a secret kept from childhood, or perhaps warning us, how vulnerable we are to so dark and unknown issues astound us.

The Hermit and The Empress:

—   Speaks about beautiful and young woman with powerful secrets keeps inside. Not are terrestrial aspects, has within it a hidden force, may perform meditation, reiki, yoga.

—   Woman lives alone by own accord

Hermit + The Empress Reversed:

—   This is the combination that makes you say; Too bad woman, she was so pretty !, or, poor girl, was left hanging ! If she did not live in that house would not be so crazy ! That is, are the people whose interior, or type of private life, will spoiling to get his physical appearance changes. It is a very remarkable change, to go unnoticed and the rest.

The Hermit and Lovers:

  • Couple or two persons with ties and treatment often but that they are not compatible, since everyone has a point of view, and each expects the other so this is not willing to give. Or do not accept the price the apartment, if not 20% reduction. Whatever the reason that unites and connects, in them there is no understanding and any new circumstance disunites more and more. No solution, as they come from the depths of his being, personality or character education.

Hermit + Lovers inverted + The Chariot inverted:

  • Relationship stagnant for things that happened in the past and that although they tried to solve accept or forgive, they are actually present in the life of this couple. Some infidelity, a period in which one of them staked everything in the casino, old quarrels with each other’s families, which never felt, defended and protected by your partner and accused of not position your hand, etc.

TheHermit and The Chariot:

  • After a period of reflection, perhaps by uncertainties and fears of the past, the consultant returns to take the reins, and runs his own life.

The Hermit + Justice:

  • Maybe decisions were made too hastily in the past, this combination comes to tell us, that important or critical decisions to have to be aware of the circumstances surrounding it, and really to consider whether you need it or not, the consultant. Comes to tell us; reflection after action.

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