IV – The Emperor

The Emperor + Strength:

  The arcane Strength makes more sensitive to the Emperor, subtracts hardness in his acts especially in personal dealings. This card gives you the inner strength that this arcane, need physical and material. Impulsivity and aggressiveness that sometimes may have the Emperor at times, to calm reflection and especially penchant for good deeds The Emperor, earn much next, to the arcane the Strength.
The Emperor + Strength + Six of Pentacles:
  A person with ability to work with money. Business intuition, magnetism for good fortune. Quick and easy revenue.

The Emperor inverted + Strength Inverted:

   These combinations that warns the consultant on a vile, greedy, pretentious, vain, cruel, senseless, self-centered, materialistic, inhuman person.
   If we talk about a business or economic project, it is telling you that you know is not right to run it for lacking moral basis, even devoid of humanity. This can refer to a style of human exploitation, or actions against the ecosystem, animal abuse or use of these for their own benefit regardless of whether there is suffering for it.
   Perhaps the tarot, is talking about you.

The Emperor inverted + Strength inverted + 8 of Swords + The Empress:
   Delicate situation, especially because you have to add to the description of this man; “Vile person, greedy, pretentious, vain, cruel, senseless, self-centered, materialistic, inhuman” that another letter; 8 Swords. With it is warning of a situation of abuse, gender violence.
   + 6 of Wands inverted If the consultant is a woman, she is scared, not even would dare to denounce surrounded by police, paralyzed by an invisible beast, a terrible fear that dominates. Low self-esteem a sadness, that has cloistered in own pain and loneliness. dramatic situation in the limits.

The Emperor + The Hanged Man:

   This time the figure of the Emperor remains gaunt and sad, lost its grandeur. Nothing to it promised, never came.
— Illusions and dreams that planned with someone in “watered down” the various attempts to create a small business, remained in continuous ideas that always enthusiastically shared with everyone. The Emperor lost his credibility.

The Emperor + Devil:

   At his best version, here is a whole womanizer, his smile immobilizes the prey, his voice is velvety in the hot August nights, is “seductive” no woman resists, and his hypnotic gaze It is all “a snake charmer.” Sexually, always gets what he wants.
   Attention to the potential partner aristocratic ways, with exquisite education, three master and custom-made shirt with two initials; E. D.
   Have in front a strategist who read your mind and guess their weaknesses and hidden desires, as known to read the rest. The following cards will tell if, even so, to tremendous specimen will be worth continue to, because to do so shall not walk in midpoints. The Devil came to extremes; wealth or ruin.
   Sometimes, inverted is associated with prostate cancer but I feel these diseases in this combination: Hermit Inverted + The Devil inverted + 10 Swords + King of Swords

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