III – The Empress

 The Empress + Fool

—Describe a woman under 30 years, or capricious, carefree, somewhat naive, and even reckless, wanton. lascivious
—A woman who never had major responsibilities or she had abandoned them in favor of his own independence or objectives. It can occur in women who renounced motherhood with total conviction. Women with a heart as traveler like themselves. They usually have relationships based on friendship and sexual desire rather than love. They are not sensitive, passion to jealousy or possessiveness.  give the couple what they same claim; their freedom and independence without obeying emotional yokes or legal contracts.
—Women unable to maintain a stable love relationship.

The Empress + Magician:

— This combination refers to the ability to create a woman. The initiative needs were perhaps overlapping with doubts or fears of unknown such as a new job or business from which nothing is known previously, you have to start from 0 but also has all the capabilities to do so, The Magician complete their personality and training
The Empress inverted + Magician + Moon

— Depicts a woman of childbearing age who seek help to get pregnant.

The Empress + The Priestess:

—As I described in The Priestess + The Empress, they are the same person. He’s talking about a woman deeply important for the consultant. See the accompanying charts to see what this strong presence in the roll means. It can announce pregnancy, death, jealousy, disease, depends all the rest of the roll.
The Empress + The Emperor:

— Marriage perfect couple. Indissoluble. (Unless pursues The Priestess or Queen of Cups ay Wands).
—On the subject of money, it is a soothing combination, the client has all in its power to organize and plan their economy, which of course is stable, and always will increase, the two figures are complemented by a balance has positively affecting qualities; power and intuition, intelligence and determination. Work represents and leadership ability.

The Empress + Emperor + 4 of Cups + Moon + Star:

—Possibly a child into the world, the result of a stable, emotionally and financially partner comes. One happy home.
—If the still Pentacles, see you if are talking about the money that will go to the family business.

The Empress + The Priest:

—This couple, I do not consider love ever, unless you have, the AS or Two of Cups in the same row. Serious young man in love more mature than her, this man in whom she finds protection and sex It has no role and sex It has no role.
—It can make mention of the profession; teacher, congressional representative, a fraternal bond with a rather older man; grandparent, parent, custodian, spiritual counselor, etc. If Devil were in the middle if he would consider a sexual relationship, but not love. Only in the case in which precedes the Two Cups, you can considered sexual relationship with feelings, with love, honey, etc.

The Empress + The Lovers:

— Defines a relationship that begins and where she has every decision.
— Woman in loved by a man or a woman, you will receive a declaration of love and future.

The Empress + Lovers + Queen of Cups or other Queen + 2 of Cups:

— Two friends who started with great strength coming to fall in love, and full of new sensations to discover experience.

The Empress + Lovers + The Emperor or King + 2 of Cups:

— Here comes an immense love, is like a spring in your life that will make you reborn, you will feel that’s what has always sought

The Empress inverted + Lovers inverted + Any Page, especially Cups + Devil inverted + 2 of Swords:

— A young woman sexually abused in the past.
— Sex with different people, nymphomania, paraphilias, extreme sex. Lustful parties. Mental / sexual disturbances.

The Empress + The Chariot:

— A young woman becomes independent soon.
— This combination is very positive, and refers to the events that have been created with enthusiasm and well planned, it’s a praise to the consultant and a combination that says; Later, you’ll be fine.

The Empress inverted + The Chariot + The Star inverted:

— Sterile woman. There may never have a pregnancy because the fetus even when used come off.

The Empress + Justice:

— Lawyer, Judge. architect. psychologist; a woman with whom the consultant has contact at present, and no family or friends.
— People who get graduate or graduating, or get any title for which it was prepared.
— Mother with character, inflexible and fairly. Loving, protective and usually with several children. More than three. ( + 3 Cups)
— Inheritance of a mother. (+ Death)
See the accompanying cards.

The Empress + Hermit:

— It can be a young woman with some important physical complex, or suffering from chronic and serious depression. Unsocial person.

The Empress inverted + Hermit inverted + 2 or 8 of Swords:

— be announcing an anorexic or bulimic disorder. A mobile phone addiction,
— A psychological dependence. Serious disorder, are advised to pay attention to the young.(+ The Hanged man)

The Empress + The Wheel of Fortune:

— Woman faces decisions that must necessarily take to follow. On this occasion, which warns this combination is that it should be guided by instinct.ou should reconsider because that decision is very important for your destination.
— The consultant may be about to experience one of the most decisive moments of his life. The Wheel of Fortune is saying exactly the opposite. You must not close our eyes and let luck take you; The Empress is the creator should not be forgotten. You cannot move that not been created. have everything it takes to succeed, acts and allowed to flow.

The Empress + Wheel of Fortune reversed:

— If the Wheel is reversed, it means lost for lack of self assurance opportunities. Always let the train, watching as others rise and their lives flourish. A passive attitude that does not go with his character and causes frustration, deep down, you know you can get it, but at the last minute stops, is paralyzed, let things happen without intervention, Why ?, by what does it do? You’ve lost many trains, many opportunities in your life.
— May refer to an unwanted pregnancy. (Moon + Star)

3 thoughts on “III – The Empress”

  1. What about a combination of just the empress and the two of cups as far as a question about a potential relationship with a female friend?

  2. About your query; can not give a correct answer, only in the case of a personal reading; Self consulting his tarot.

    – Means loving relationship with a woman. (For men or women)

    You always need more cards, so that you can make a good reading look at this example;

    The Empress + Lovers + Queen of Cups or other Queen + 2 of Cups:

    — Two friends who started with great strength coming to fall in love, and full of new sensations to discover experience.

    You've understood?…. regards!!!!

  3. Two girls. The Empress + Queen of Cups or other Queen.

    Two guys. King Swords + Lovers + King of Cups or other King + 2 of Cups:

    Man and woman. The Empress or Queens + Lovers + Emperor or King of Cups or other King + 2 of Cups.

    Kings may have a homosexual relationship, but never with an emperor.


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