II The High Priestess

The High Priestess and The Fool:

  • Who would dare underestimate this couple?  Complex union when these two arcane appear together. If I say, I might be talking about a person with severe mental problems for many seem them a proper definition regarding your inquiry, because when this combination falls on someone is speaking to us of; the sane and the insane, man and woman, the interior and outdoor, patience against fearlessness, prediction and free will, accuracy and chaos. I could continue several pages, thousands. Note cards that accompany them it does no matter the position. This combination I define so, will not dare to explain more something so complex and so little information.

The High Priestess and The Fool and The Magician:

  • Maybe be referring to a true friendship, a bosom friend, a valuable friendship.
    • A person nearest you proposed a radical change in his life, you will have to do something unusual, because another world is opened The magician tells you, that you ‘ go ahead! which is there to give all its force.

The High Priestess + Fool inverted + Magician inverted + Hierophant inverted:   

  • Speaks of a person who gives himself to mysticism, or reclusive in a religious organization, sect, “UFO group “etc.
    • See if there is a Page in the same line, or just below The Fool. (Next file)Dragged by someone he just met sudden change blindness to reality. If it comes to a teenager, be talking of people who are prompting to take drugs.

The High Priestess + The Fool reversed + Magician inverted + Devil:

  • Woman who is leader of a movement of astral low; demonic sects, sacrifices. The Priestess + Fool inverted; animals sacrifice.

The High Priestess + Fool + Moon inverted + The Chariot inverted +  Devil:

  • Warns who is the victim of a work of black magic. (The Chariot communication with devil force)The Priestess + Devil; Black mass.                                                                                                                        

The High Priestess reversed and Fool reversed and Devil:           

  • Vile and despicable woman. Abusive. Manipulative. False. Without empathy. Bad person. (Without the Moon, the Magician. or the Star, there is no magic)

The High Priestess + Magician + Hermit + Moon:

  • This powerful woman is the descendant of a shamanic family. (The Magician +  Hermit + Moon,  Chamán) Being these four, necessarily have to think of something else, too hidden, wise and powerful.

The High Priestess + Magician reversed + Moon reversed + Devil reversed:

  • Woman with supernatural powers. Satanics

The High Priestess + Magician reversed + Star reversed + Moon + Death + Cups reversed:

  • A female sorcerer or witch has prepared a work of magic to separate couples. Courts partner. Black Magic (Star inverted + Moon + Death). Palo Mayombe, Holy Death, Voodoo, etc. Religions African origins. Manage and dominate the elements. They are the great experts, black magic.etc. Bantu. Congo. Cameroon. Somalia.

Starting with the magician;

Magician + The High Priestess reversed + Star reversed + Moon + Death + Cups reverseds:

  • Male witch or sorcerer has prepared a work of magic to separate couples. Courts partner. Black Magic (Star inverted + Moon + Death). Palo Mayombe, Holy Death, Voodoo, etc. Religions African origins. Manage and dominate the elements. They are the great experts, black magic.etc. Bantu. Congo. Cameroon. Somalia.

Star reversed is announcing an annulment of the will she says that illusions are broken, links. Star upside down, without its knee anchored to reality, it says that the magic will make you not respond, you will be spellbound / a

In the consultations on spells, The High Priestess + Star symbolizes the Wiccan. Star reversed, is referring to a satanic witch

The High Priestess + Empress:

  • Women with a complicated personality, or a hidden past. Hidden life. The two arcane are consecutive, the II and III, so that when they leave also contiguous in the draw of cards always I consider one. I think when they appear together, want to reveal the two sides of the coin, if they wanted to refer to two different people have separated. Attention to the cards that accompany them.

The High Priestess + Ace of Cups + The Empress:

  • Mother and daughter, sisters, cousins, sisters, friends, immediate family. People very near and dear.

The High Priestess + 2 of Cups  + The Empress:

  • Loving relationship between two women.

The High Priestess + 4 of Cups  + The Empress; they are family
The High Priestess + 6-9 of Cups  + The Empress; they are friends. Very good coworkers.

The High Priestess + The Emperor:

  • This union makes couples with a balance of emotions and personality. He is strong, determined, loving, passionate, protective, and she is tender, noble, patient, intuitive, can read its shortcomings, calm their anxieties.

The emperor is the only figure with whom he could have a love relationship. never with any king either.

The High Priestess  + The Emperor Inverted + The inverted Hermit:

  • Very sensitive woman, who does not dare to count the problems with a dictator, and authoritarian man.
    • + 5 Swords, battered women.

The High Priestess + The Emperor + 4 Cups + World;

  • A union that will last a lifetime.

The ambiguity of The High Priestess These lines of the second book of the Minor Arcana with Major, who is not yet on sale. (2016)

  • With 2 of Cups + The High Priestess + Queen of Wands reversed:
  • This woman now lives a relationship that should hide, therefore, his conscience and his unconscious, turn our backs. It is possible, who this love it cannot reciprocate, it is very likely that this maintaining a clandestine relationship with a married man.
  • Maybe it is you; The High Priestess + Queen unfaithful.
  • With 2 of Cups + The High Priestess  + Queen of Wands reversed + The Emperor:
  • It can be clandestine relationship; secret meetings. Infidelity of an woman with a married man.

With  3 of Cups and The High Priestess:

  • These two arcane together, they cannot respond to you much. Could be referring to a graduation, or initiated in a religion. It is a celebration of women for a common cause. We need to see more cards.
  • With 3 of Cups + Queen of Wands reversed + The High Priestess + King of Wandss:
  • This is a sporadic relation sex at work, with a boss and a partner, or high office.
  • With 3 of Cups + Queen of Wands reversed + The High Priestess + Knight of Wands:
  • However, on this occasion the chief endeared by the distributor of the company, or the waiter of warehouse. Let us say that the boss has great fun.
  • With 3 of Cups reversed + Queen of Swords + The High Priestess + Queen of Wands reversed + King of Swords + The Moon:
  • Who is laying here the other?
  • King of Swords of course, husband by Queen of Swords.
  • Queen of Wands reversed is a treacherous woman, disloyal, amoral and without prejudice by the damage it might cause to others, this is a friend or someone close to Queen of Swords.
  • So, the Queen of Swords, is here “the horned” and betrayed by her friend, Queen of Wands reversed, and her couple, the King of Swords
  • With  3 of Cups reversed + Queen of Swords.
  • The deceived. Very possibly, the inquirer, since it appears the first.

 Queen of Wands reversed + King of Swords + The Moon:

  • The infidels. Traitors.

The 3 of Cups does not speak of money, or work, nevertheless excellent for pleasure and enjoyment, so that inevitably leads to infidelity,

…if “3 of Wands” , just imagine … ¿In what place inspires you pure feeling? In none.

  • Madame Swords is a prodigious mind when something are interested, is clever, and Mrs. Wands, is an entrepreneur with fantastic ideas that she want always put in action. You already know, with The Priestess there in the middle of the two, they are already known but the matter is, that the Queen of Wands, going for the nearest table of the King of Swords, by leaving it in the past to the Queen of Swords, thanks to a strategy so perfectly planned.

We should have a coffee with Queen of Wands someday, to explain to us;

  • How did you do it? How could a Queen of Swords, with his brilliant intelligence, cunning and mental agility, pass up a Queen so vast and even rude as you did, Lady Wands inverted…

With 3 of Cups + The Sum + Priestess + The Empress:

  • A married woman who maintains an infidelity. 
  • When leaving the two adjoining, symbolize to the same person.

With 3 of Cups + The High Priestess + The Emperor  + The Empress + 2 Cups:

  • This clarifies enough; from here come forth a partner, and possibly the there had always been; Emperor and Empress: 2 Cups.

With 3 of Cups + The Emperor + The High Priestess + Queen of Wands  reversed + The Empress reversed:

  • Here is a profile of the secret lover. Unfaithful. However, there is no love.

With 3 of Cups + The Emperor + The High Priestess + Queen of Wands reversed + The Lovers + The Empres

The High Priestess + Queen of Pentacles + Lovers:

The Emperor has known to a third woman, with whom she maintains contact usually, even if they are secret meetings.

  • With regard to the lover Queen of Wands, announces she will soon be displaced by another woman, blond, and that in these moments is dazzling to The Emperor
  • The Emperor is going to take a decision and possibly break that clandestine relationship it had with the lover Wands reversed, to relieve her lover for the Lady Pentacles.
  • Queen of Wands reversed is not an ideal partner for the Emperor really, other yes they are. .  Represent the unfaithful woman; libertine, promiscuous, and shameless.
  • more in the book

The Empress is his wife, whatever happens; if you use all the arcane, while leaving the 4 Queens, none will be his wife, his partner, or one he truly loves.

Therefore, you may represent to The Queen of Cups, and your partner is not a King but rather The Emperor, but if this is so, you must know that the in the depths of his heart, loves another, that is neither in the table.

These doubts eliminated, when the pair of courtly figures is the same suit.

We continue with the major arcana

The High Priestess + The Priest:
  • References ago to very spiritual, mystical or sensitive woman in a family of religious roots. No sex or passion between these two arcane appears, the inner life, meditation and the teachings of life are what they reveal together.
    • Grandparents. Spiritual guides.

The High Priestess and The Lovers:

  • These followed arcane secrets between couples advertised, third parties, lies, parallel relations of a man with two women.

The High Priestess and The Chariot:

  • The High Priestess, this time, it becomes immobile, slow and patient symbol that primarily strives to move Carriage, not realizing that she is the owner emotions, feelings and intuitions.

She does not need the dynamic movement of the car, because it is spiritual and ethereal. It comes associated with the circumstances that cause changes in people, changes that hardly ever want. When accepted, they weigh less.

The High Priestess + Justice:
  • This is a good combination of cards; it refers to what rightfully belongs to the consultant, an inheritance if it comes with Pentacles, a goal if it appears followed by The World. Love with the Ace of Cups, or cards of Cups.

The High Priestess + Hermit:

  • Two very spiritual and mystical beings can only tell us that one enters a period of retreat, meditation, a change of lifestyle than the rest, but only internally, Loneliness sought social isolation.
    • It can also mention a woman in menopause, a person who ignores sex and going out to meet people. A woman hiding or refugee in his past or pain.

The High Priestess inverted + Hermit:

  • Depression, states of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, psychopathy, etc. See the accompanying cards, usually something is happening inside that could be very negative.
    • If you pursue knowledge, perhaps it’s getting very dark areas. Black astral planes. Dimensions underworld. Esoteric person.

The High Priestess inverted + Hermit inverted + Tower:

  • Depression, states of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, psychopathy, etc. with admission to psychiatric, mental clinic.
The High Priestess + Wheel of Fortune:
  • Symbolizes women who selflessly help to move forward in life of the consultant and always attentive to ensure that achieve happiness and success.
    • Can be a figure of mother or grandmother. An important woman in the life of that consultation.
The High Priestess + Strength:
  • It prevents to follow other advice or recommendations, you have within the capacity to make or fix that which is presented.

The High Priestess + Strength + Star:

  • Mediumship, divination. Predictions for the future. Cartomancy. Telepathy.

The High Priestess + Strength inverted + Moon:

  • People with strength in looking to cause evils. Evil eye.
    • Mysterious woman with bad intentions. Woman acting in the shade.
The High Priestess + The hanged man:
  • These cards announced that the decisions of the consultant have not been successful, and now he feels it is late.
  • Sense of time lost for personal dilemmas. A wasted life, A woman who has missed life waiting for something that never came.

The High Priestess + Death + 5 of Cups:

  • Widow.

The High Priestess + Death  + Magician + Tower + Moon + Arcane of Pentacles reverseds                 

  • Female witch or sorcerer has prepared a work of magic to cause economic losses and even ruin. ( The Priestess + Death + Magician; black magic work. Mayombe, Voodoo, Holy Death)
The High Priestess + Death + Lovers:
  • Divorce caused by a third person, a woman.
    • Love comes and transforms the life of a woman who was alone very long time.
    • A personal decision, which will break with a lifestyle, but it, will be positive for consulting.

The High Priestess + Death + Devil + Moon:

  • Priestess of Holy Death, Palo Monte, Mayombe. Brillumba y Kimbisa

The High Priestess + Death + The World reversed:

  • Death of a woman in the life of the consultant. Family.
The High Priestess + Temperance:
  • Grandma.
    • Condition that lasts too long, it can refer to slow recoveries disease, childhood traumas carried since it refers to the depths of being, the balance of our existence.

The High Priestess + Devil:

  • If this combination speaks of a person (see other cards) we are faced with someone opaque, ambitious and materialistic. Extremely intuitive and effective action, as Devil never plays to lose. It will be able to wait for the right time for his victory.
  • May be alerting us, before your eyes that something is happening, you do not see.
  • It sometimes happens that in the home or family, in the workplace or friends, there is a lie that floats a secret among others, a fact that hidden to their own interests.

The High Priestess + Devil + Magician + Emperor reversed + The Chariot + 2 of Cups:

  • Female witch or sorceress, hired by a man makes a love magic tie. Red magic. The Priestess + Devil + Magician; Black mass. Sectas.

The High Priestess + Devil + Magician + Chariot + Page de Cups reversed:

  •  Female witch or sorcerer hired by a teen / young makes a love magic tie. Red magic

The High Priestess + Devil + Death + 3 de Cups reversed + Moon;

Greater priestess in celebration of satanic ceremony, Paleros, Ngangeros, o Nganguleros (Nigerian magic

The High Priestess + Devil + Queen of Pentacles reversed + 7 of Swords:

  • Mature woman with a difficult past, solitary lifestyle, apart from society, or the law, with secret matters: immoral, antisocial. Criminal. Drug traffic. Organized crime. Mafia. Forger.
The High Priestess + Tower:
  • Moral, ethical or religious values that are broken change of philosophy of life. If appear before Chariot invested, may be due to a serious accident that nearly lost his life. If the Sun continues to this combination, predicts a renaissance, a major change that will make you happy, the harmful things are in the past, the tarot says, that after that period last you will see the sunlight.
The High Priestess + Star:
  • Pregnancy nearly menopause.
  • Woman with powers of healing.
  • Woman raising children of another,  Babysitting                                                                                    
  • It usually refers to a midwife
  • That fantastic idea finally sees the light it came true. Achievement. Achieving a plan, project, ideal. .                    
The High Priestess + Star reversed + Magician:
  • If asked by spells or magic works (Star reversed + Magician), you have to look to a Priestess a black witch.( The Priestess + Star reversed)

Consider the query and read these sheets.

The High Priestess + Star reversed + Magician + Empress reversed + The Chariot + Dos de Cups +:

  • Female witch or sorceress hired by a woman, make a tie of love. (The Priestess + Star inverted; a black witch.)

The High Priestess + Star + Moon + The High Priest + Temperance:

  • Represents the high priestess really, woman with sensitive and secret powers that directs or leads It is representing the two leaders of an esoteric group.
  • One esoteric congregation of people dedicated to high magic. The Priestess + Star; Wicca.
The High Priestess + Star inverted + Tower:
  • High risk pregnancy. Abortion.

The High Priestess inverted + Star inverted + Tower:

  • The woman who lost faith. Exchange ideas, upheavals, insecurities, and continuous setbacks emotional and personal dislocation.

The High Priestess inverted + Star inverted + World Inverted + The Hanged invested:

  • Psychic chaos. Suicide attempts.

The High Priestess + Moon:

  • A woman with very clear objectives and hidden intentions; intelligent, shy, sensitive, very talkative and communicative. The influence of the Moon, arcane so powerful occult forces leave us with a person who never show their emotions and true intentions. It may also be talking about a lover, (unfaithful) but if so, would face a very difficult woman to deal with, able to prepare everything coolly to achieve their goals it Tell us about women powerful rival, in the shade.

You need to study the cards close, because if Empress + Queen of Wands reversed, or any card that speaks to us of the feelings between the couple unfaithful, would convey the idea that his opponent did not beat about sex, but by the secret knowledge stored in your book, do not forget that she is The High Priestess.

The High Priestess + Moon inverted + 6 of Swords +

  • It`s refers to the fear that this issue be discovered by public embarrassment. Read more cards.

The High Priestess + Sun:

  • Represents the successful projects has been preparing a long time. It is the culmination of a goal, the realization of an idea. See the accompanying cards.

The High Priestess + Sun + The Empress:

  • Grandmother and mother. Mother and daughter.
  • Symbolizes a woman who has made a lifestyle to start another, may can refer to a divorce, a job that produces innovations in your life, having abandoned complex, overcome burdens, yokes, penalties. Woman after a major internal change took a new direction in life. Change of character.

The High Priestess + Sun + The Emperor:

  • It comes to you one association with unexpected help or cooperation, symbolizing a man and woman sharing an illusion; a success, aspect of life, a common project.
  • Represent an investment partner, a mother, a good friend, a woman who gives good advice to the consultant.

The High Priestess + Sun + Emperor + Ace of Cups or 2 of Cups:

  • This union will overcome any obstacle, indissoluble marriage.

The High Priestess + Sun + Emperor + The Carriage:

  • Successful partnership in economic, financial, labor, business.

The High Priestess + Sun + The High Priest:

  • Symbolizes the grandparents. Spiritual guides.

The High Priestess + Sun inverted + Ace of Spades inverted + Death:

  • It refers to an Impending doom, sudden and unexpected.

The High Priestess + Sun inverted + Ace of Spades inverted + Death + Any Page reversed:

  • It refers to an Impending doom, sudden and unexpected, of a teenager /young.


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