I Magician

Magician + The Lovers:

— The consultant must choose among several jobs, or offers or university courses. On the other hand couples. This combination speaks of alternatives.

Magician + The Hermit;

—   A job for lifetime.

— Old person in a company.

Magician + The Lovers + 3 of Cups + Devil:

—  Starting a passionate relationship, with lots of sex appeal, it can advertise infidelity, relationship to three. Threesome, Very sexually active.

—  Personality lustful and unfaithful.

Magician + The Lovers reversed + Moon:

—  Infidelity, lies between couples, hiding truths.

—  A big lie. Ambiguity.

Magician + Lovers + The Chariot:

—  Opportunity to evolution.

—  An alternative will present; a job offer.

Magician + Lovers + The Fool:

—  Be presented a unique opportunity to change lifestyle through an unexpected job offer.

Magician + Lovers + Fool + The World + 4 of Cups:

—  In this unexpected job offer that will make you travel far, you will find your ideal environment and never return.

Magician + The Chariot:

—  Stable job; officer, sales representative, tradesman, The Chariot driver. private chauffeur, and others similar trades.

Magician + The Chariot + Wheel of Fortune + Knight of Wands:

—   Travel News, very important regarding the employment status of the client. If it appears upside down the Wheel of Fortune or the Knight of Wands, warns of an accident, or traveling on business.

—   If The Chariot appeared inverted and close to The Hermit, mean that all have been in vain, for no change will happen in your life, even though the journey made not advance the matter.

Magician + Justice + Sun:

—   Permanent employment contract.

—   Important Signature respect to future work of the consultant will succeed everything undertaken under this combination.

Magician +  Justice + Wheel of Fortune reversed:

—   Unstable job. It can be dismissed at any time on or stay in the company

Magician + Justice + Tower + Sun:

—   Successful operation albeit with misfortunes.

—   Repurchased property after having lost; foreclosure, embargoes or repossessions. Purchase of a building, house, farm, shop, etc.

Magician reverted + Justice + The Emperor:

—   Faced with a dilemma, this threesome is warning him not to trust, either check legal documents, a warning to his girlfriend about his tremendous tummy for wedding or a second medical opinion. Be equable, when it comes to their actions, about what it would be easier or better.

—   Do not be trusted, because apparently, everything is balanced, the principle is the reverse alchemist, and only God knows what will take between hands, which undoubtedly affects you.

—   Lawyer. Judge.

Magician + Justice reversed + Devil + The Hermit reversed + The Tower reversed:

—   Toxic combination that you should never ignore, the consultant has to know that this matter will take to jail. Devil reversed, will the nasty judge and against him, the situation worsens.

Magician + Justice reversed +  The Tower reversed:

—   Unexpected, and sudden dismissal. Termination of a contract. Unemployment,

Magician + Justice reversed + Moon + Devil Reversed:

—   Working without a contract, labor deception, dirty business in which the consultant are getting into voluntarily or involuntarily, because nothing is concrete, labor ambiguity.

—   Illegal agreement between companies those are complicit.

—   Black Money.

Magician + Justice +  Devil reverted + Ace of Swords reversed:

—   Manipulative person and very, very dangerous, conquest or capture victims with education and courtesy, but their intentions are evil; perhaps take advantage of chance encounters, or love that person with unethical and hidden purposes

The Magician inverted + Justice + Devil inverted + Tower + 4 of Cups:

—   Loss of property, family home, due to poor management, contract clauses illegal, fraudulent mortgage

The Magician + Justice + Death:

—   Retirement.

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